Reading of the address of Nakanojo-machi

There is the reference regarding an address.
' The address of Nakanojo-machi' (the in March, 1994 Nakanojou-machi board of education issue)
There is yet a stock. About additional 40 copies. It is to hasten!
Please send 3,000 yen +610 of yen to Nakanojo-machi board of education the carriage (the price of the book.
Remittance does not matter even cash registered mail/postal order/stamp etc.
377-0494 Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojo-machi large letter Nakanojo-machi 1091
Nakanojo-machi board of education secretariat social education department
Telephone 0279-75-2111 extension 261