School of Nakanojo

First of all, there are 4 elementary schools and 2 junior high schools, a high school in Nakanojo.
1.elementary school
Nakanojo elementary school
Sawada elementary school
Isama elementary school
Nakuta elementary school
2.Junior high school
Nakanojo junior high school
West junior high school
3.High school
Nakanojo high school
In Nakanojoi where 4 machimura could merge in Showa 30(1955), the name of the name and area of old machimura are nemed there were the many schools. In Showa 40 adopting number rule to a school name even a branch school became inclusion all number schools. After that, sclap and build succeeds one another by, the drastic decrease of the child number and a branch school turns off a figure in March, 1991 in an elementary school and became 5 schools of only the principal school to 1`5. The 2nd/3 junior high school even a junior high school integrated in Showa 53(1978) by, sclap and build and became the west junior high school. And, the 1st/4/5 junior high school integrate in 1990 and became Nakanojo junior high school.
It is fortunate if if there is an opinion because under is a subjective case from this I able to receive mail. That the number of a child decreases, with the whole country is caught as a general case. It is a proper scale by integration and separation a school, from that must manage a school with the standard of the Ministry of Education with we manage going to must. Also, employing the staff that makes food and also build and also, repair a school, although the teacher of a school pays pay with the burden of administrative division of Japan (country) I am the cities,towns and village which establish a school, to must pay an electricity reign/water supply reign. Ookura/sentence department/Ministry of Home Affairs of if people of the destination do not instruct and appear when it had better integrate, although it is a lonely case that the school that oneself graduated from becomes discontinuation from the advanced utilization of the circumstances and, taxes that do not go a wooden school building rotting be. There is the person who has understood in a depopulated town, that a lively school that maera of a friend were was the old days. There is the person who a name does not float when a reunion is done and be to 1 academic year even 160 people or more, when my be small. It has thought a little bit whether school life is produced full satisfy, in such number of persons that gets finished with Kotatsu one even if a reunion is done it is recently.
I think that there be various opinions about everybody education/schools. I would appreciate it if you speak aggressively opinion etc. By all means.