" Making Town that has moisture" and vitality Minister of Home Affairs commendation

Nakanojo-machi is commended with a Making Town general division' March 14, 1997 on Fri,' from a/the Ministry of Home Affairs minister.

Exaltation of hometown consciousness the movie through/

** "Man of who sleeps" the commemoration movie Gunma Pref. population by utilizing (the waste school building Making Town that utilized two million pictures after that be shooting studio opening, it is utilized to a/the data mansion and commerce movie production)

New atructing visitor type agriculture is aimed for

** Opening of "the medicine king garden" that makes a herb a theme. Opening of "Takeyama mansion" that is possible experience and strike and near Activation of the area economy by an etc. agriculture promotion

To know the town of selves first step of Making Town

Making person business such as the hometown experience business that visits from the opening, junior high school third year student sky intended for everyone of a/the ● townspeople foreign country dispatch business and hometown cramming school
Commendation system/object
"Making Town with the vitality" the commendation, that was established in Minister of Home Affairs commendation and Showa the fiscal year 63" Making Town that has "moisture that was established in Showa the fiscal year 58 is integrated from Heisei the fiscal year 4 it becomes commendation" Making Town that has "moisture and vitality and became 2 division of "a Making Town general division" and "Making Town of an inhabitant participation".
Causing the etc. industry that the maintenance, neighborhood of the stock exchange market product of the improvement, the environment of "a Making Town general division" city environment and 住 environment develop it is intended for to Making Town that has the moisture and vitality such as the improvement of that propelling, area image the local authority with an obvious achievement.
The commendation party in this fiscal year: "a Making Town general division" 12 parties. "The Making Town division of an/the inhabitant participation" 10 parties
Winning a prize achievement in Gunma Pref.
"A Making Town general division" Ojima-machi (in 1993)
"The Making Town division of an inhabitant participation" Oomama-machi (in 1995)
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