Request regarding the Internet application

First of all, there are not freedom of information regulations, private information protection regulations, to "Nakanojo-machi".
There is a lot the case that has poured the information of Nakanojo-machi and individual on the Internet subconsciously with mailing list etc. and also open a homepage and be hung to the word called the Internet recently.
Even the social welfare activities that is offering the place of the comment of a child/student and open a homepage and also even, teacher one of a school use, mail recently are showing. It is summarizing that would like you to defend it to the teacher and person concerned (PTA) of a school, such that data does not flow on a net, to want to get to secret of a child/student done even if it is a little, because there be not why private information is not looked with the very frank Internet.
Also, I am requesting it so as not to do etc. that the nonexistent one (third party), utilizes the private information that wants to get to secret in a school done under the control of a board of education selfishly.
However, it does not need to defend it, because it is the mere outline, without the regulation of penal code prescription and method being applied. Even with, if you could watch children of Nakanojo-machi as the user of good intentions, I would appreciate it. If you see the one who is utilizing, and also try to utilize the data of children to malice please let me know to the mail and, a board of education secretariat of warning. Also, send mail to address the author.
§377-04 1091 Nakanojo-machi Agatsuma-gun Gunma
address ; Nakanojo-machi board of education secretariat education department
Telephone ; 0279-75-2111 (extension 250-253)
FAX ; 0279-75-6562
ššIt is the outline disclosure regarding the Internet application in established by town school.š š
On March 6, 1997 the implementation Nakanojo-machi board of education outline
In the preparation of this outline, the kindness of person in charge of a responsibility teacher of Tokyo Met. Meguro-ku the 6th junior high school, Tokyo Met. Meguro-ku board of education school education department , regulations/rules/outline of Meguro-ku it was prepared and was obtain the cooperation by the disclosure and document on the Internet.
I expect a brisk comment, an activity of the Internet user of Nakanojo-machi.
The fax of a/the Nakanojo town page was established.
(Print order form and please send.
Besides, please ship it with a free format.
I am waiting for many opinions.
E-mail: khiroshi @ mail. gunmanet. or. jp