Nakanojo-machi contact townspeople pool

It is 1997 completion, in March, It opens on July 1. There are an authorization pool and water slider 50 m. Also, there is the pool for an infant and be used during summer vacation to a parent and child/child student.
Address: Nakanojo-machi Nakanojo-machi 2120-1
Telephone: 0279-75-2120
Pool: 50 meters the pools (the slide unit, fountain 2, waterfalls) the water slider (the alighting pool) for an/the authorization pool (8 courses), infants
There is a parking area: 48 units minutes (a bycircle place)
Plaza: a turf plaza, table, bench
An opening period:There is(an absence day on August 31 from July 1 )
From opening time: 10 o' clock a. m. to 6 o' clock p. m. It is a place in (It may do no a subject at 5 o' the clock p. m )

Segment The rent Remarks
Adult One day 200 yen Over a senior high school student
Child One day 100 yen Small junior high school student
Infant Free
User proof Two thousand yen During a season effective Yet, a small junior high school student only a purchase passable
Exclusive use For one hour 1 course each
Three thousand yen

Part-time job recruitment in the summer of 1997
I am recruiting the surveillance personnel/rescue personnel of the pool. It is soon to the summer vacation of an university. Does not it try to work with you, pool that return home in Nakanojo? The men and women do not ask it.
Surveillance personnel 8 people, a rescue personnel 1 person (the qualification person over an assistant nurse)
Service period be the last ten days of August from the first ten days of July
Your office hours are 6:30 p.m. from 9:30 a.m. (There is a midway interval)
Application be until July 4
377-0494 Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojo-machi 1091
Nakanojo-machi board of education social education department
Telephone 0279-75-2111 extension 260-262
Facsimile 0279-75-6562