Possibility even the Nakanojo-machi old person health care facilities, short stay days service

Entry target
* The condition of disease the person who requires rehabilitation and nursing, care and be stabilizing with 70 years old over
* With 65 years old over a bedridden person (an old person medical treatment recipient)
* Person of a dementia nature old person, passing middle age period dementia

Entry/piece place method/period
* Entry 3 months are standardized for long time. There is elongation by situation.
* It is when the care in the short term entry home is difficult temporarily. It is a limit 2 weeks.
(the short stay)
* It is for 6 hours on 1st a piece place is standardized. Rehabilitation, meal, bathing, in addition,.
Even the application of greeting and farewell/car chair is possibility.
(Day care)

Service contents
* Rehabilitation in a standing by self on floor period or gait period
* Daily life actuation training
* Nursing and also care service such as the care, bathing of a posture exchange, Cleaning, meal
* Medical treatment service of medical examination, medication, inspection, treatment etc.
* Daily life service of education recreation etc.
* Consultation, care guidance to a family

Procedure of an entry/piece place
* It is to phone from Yu-a-i-sou and apply for it.
It is does the preparation of a document following explanation about a procedure
' A necessary document'
1. entry (a place) a written application
2. old person medical treatment recipient proof/insurance
3 Letter of introduction or diagnosis of a/the physician in charge
A above 3 kinds of document a determination committee is open, to a reference.
If the entry is decided as a result of examination, it is Yu-a-i-sou there is communication from Shou.
* Necessary document at the time of a entry/piece place
1. written oath
2. identity acceptance book

Thing needed for an entry
Pajamas (3,4 sheets), everyday clothes, underwear (about 5 sheets), slippers (the movement shoes),
Wash article (a toothbrush, tooth powder, glasses, electricity razors), towel (5,6 sheets),
(5,6 sheets), hands that cover a bus towel (5,6 sheets), diapers, diapers are lowered and a/the bag (washing for)

Thing needed for a piece place
Clothes, underwear, slippers (the movement shoes), towel (about 3 sheets), bus towel (1 sheet),
It covers a diaper, diaper and lower the hand and a bag (washing for), an internal medicine (a necessary one)

Attention, in addition,
* I finish writing a name to the belongings without fail
* Bathing equipment is Yu-a-i-sou and have prepared with Shou
* Diaper/diaper cover is Yu-a-i-sou and even Shou able to purchase

* Do an interview as many as possible,
* Visiting hours are 20 o' clock from 9 o' clock

Going out/staying out overnight
* Entering it in a specified form I obtain the permission of a facilities manager
* It is periodically during, staying out overnight and do communication to Yu-a-i-sou.

* Attendant is not necessary
* I request the washing to a family
* In the case that do and examine the medical institution of the others I offer it
* Even if I receive treatment in other medical institutions during a entry, medical treatment insurance without becoming an application
* I do not bring cash, valuables

Application charge
* It becomes an old person insurance application in principle,
* Facilities application charge are a self burden

Entry/short term entry (diaper reign including almost a/the month 100,000 yen)
Basis application charge (a/the monthly sum 60,000 yen)
Food expense 54,000 yen a/the daily necessities expense 3,000 yen an/the education recreation expense 3,000 yen
An addition charge (a day' s sum)
Private room 3,000 yen 2 people a room 2,000 yen
Besides the actual expenses (a diaper reign, hairdressing reigns, telephone charges, personal effects washing reigns, in addition,)

Piece place (a basis application charge)
Food expense 600 yen oh and reign 100 yen a daily necessities expense 100 yen an education recreation expense 100 yen
Bathing charge 200 yen
Besides the actual expenses (a diaper reign, hairdressing reigns, telephone charges, personal effects washing reigns, in addition,)

Cooperation hospital/relation facilities
Swamp Watari hot spring hospital 66-2121
Being home care support center 66-2525

〒377-0541 a Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojo-machi on swamp Watari 2133-4
It is Nakanojo-machi old person health care facilities Yu-a-i-sou
Telephone 0279-66-2662
Facsimile 0279-66-2113