About a Nakanojo-machi comprehensive program

4th idea

It is warm to the person who visits ,and it is warm to the person who lives be gentle making town

Comfortable making town

* Upgrading of a life base/environment
* The propelling-land of the advanced utilization of the land be the base that supports life. The land use with the order of the station south area (the Ise town) that a land readjustment business ended. The adjustment of a land price. The clarification (the country survey business) of land ownership.
* When there is not the upgrading promotion-car of a road traffic network a life advances road upgrading with Gunma/Nakanojo, without consisting of. advance the upgrading of a high speed traffic thing .Although the application of public traffic facilities is reducing I intend application promotion .
* It does the expansion of the upgrading-public water supplies/simple water supply systems of the living environment that is easy to live. I advance the construction, curtilage development, park upgrading, parent water park upgrading of a public operated house . It does an environmental conservation measure.
* The expansion of the upgrading-disaster prevention organization of the environment that isable to live securely . Inhibitting afforestation and preservation flood control business etc., natural disaster preventively it does. Traffic secure and crimeprevention is propelled.
* Rich making town
* The agribusiness visitor type agriculture that stabilizes/adjust base upgrading/management scale in the promotion-agriculture of neighborhood of the stock exchange market industry, is aimed for. It is the effective utilization of the stabilization/forest of the security/base upgrading/forestry management of the public benefit function of a forest in forestry. It is the commerce accumulation to the upgrading/station south area of an established shopping street in commerce. It is the promotion of the modernization of the promotion/site security/factory lure environment upgrading/management of industry accumulation in an industry. The utilization/sightseeing development of the upgrading/sightseeing resources of a sightseeing position is suggested in sightseeing business.
* Making Organization of human/systematic alternating current, coordination between the coordination-agriculture, forestry, commerce, industry, sightseeing business between a type of industry. Also, it is the upgrading of the distribution net within the area that augmented mutual. It is alternating current industry' Intending the unification of 5 types of industry it promotes it as'.
The worker measure that the person who works be able to feel realistically latitude and richness.
* Making town that fosters a person
* The promotion of the promotion-infant education of school education. The propelling of the education that respects the cultivating and fundamental human rights of rich heart and do the personality and capacity of children carefully in a school. The upgrading of education environment. Furthermore, I advance the survey research with regard to the lure of an university and specialist corse school.
Of home teaching and youth education, adult education. The upgrading of a/the public hall, libraries, youth educational facilities.
* The security of the cultivating, leaders of the upgrading, parties of the facilities that the cultivating-youth of the youth is able to get active a participation. A home and school, local community coordinate and propel wrong doing inhibition and environment cleanup activity.
* The cultivating of promotion-various sports opportunity, tissue and leader of the sports. I try hard to the improvement of sports environment with the upgrading, effective utilization of the facilities and facilities .
* The exaltation of the propelling, cultural assets protection consciousness of the survey protection of the promotion-cultural heritage of the culture. The exaltation of the promotion, culture consciousness of cultural facilities upgrading and activity.
* The upgrading promotion of the support, community facilities of the cultivating strength, area activities of the promotion-self-governing tissue of alternating current.
* Making town of peace of mind
* Insurance/medical treatment of it improves-I examine it health and the prevention measure of the disease such as and vaccination. The strength of the healthy organization centering around a health care center. He improvement of the medical treatment organization that I coordinated with a medical institution. The healthy operation of the system of the national health insurance, old person health care.
* It is the security and proper application of a pension accepting right in quest of the understanding of the system of a national pension.
* The cultivating of the improvement, social welfare activities of being home welfare and facilities welfare.
* A harmony and independence of the making town.
As for making town administration and townspeople are going to advance it as an unit. Administration demand of, advance, specialize and, complicate, diversify and the disposition improvement of the staff is requested. The propelling of healthy-ization, large regions administration of the economization, finance operation of administration operation. I intend the improvement of the aggressive administration participation, publicity anounceing activities of townspeople.

Importance items of 10 items
1 Land use of a station south area
The land readjustment business of 45ha was carried out in a nakanojo station south area the middle. A water supply/sewerage/park green tract of land is being upgraded toward new built-up area make on the basis of the designation of the usage area of this area. ( Item regarding an usage area )
2 Upgrading promotion of a high speed traffic network
At present, it is linked to checkpoint Koshi automatic roadway I.C. And Jouetsu bullet train station for more than 30 minutes by a/the car.
3 Improvement of a dwelling house measure
There are few plains and the land price is high. I advance the diffusion of the dwelling house for stand , the aged of a/the municipal management dwelling house
4 Upgrading of the sewerage processing facilities
The present sewerage rate of propagation be 7%. I advance the upgrading of a public sewer and agriculture settlement drainage facilities. The establishment of a merger private sewage treatment tank is propelled in a dwelling house disparcing area.
5 Upgrading of a park/plaza
The park and plaza be a community recliation disaster refuge place. It is are planned Takeyama. The parent water park inside the upgrading, Shima River dam peripheral, Sawatari hot spring ground of the hometown park'. Even the upgrading as the comprehensive park including a comprehensive athletic ground is a/the plan.
6 Promotion of alternating current industry
The leisure needs were diversify along with the incrementation in leisure time. Nakanojo-machi is having a hot spring, the environment, historic heritage. It is alternating current industry' The tackling to invitating visitor type agriculture begins and intend a promotion as'.
7 Improvement of social education environment
The scale and facilities are insufficient in the present central public hall and area public hall. It does the upgrading of the life study facilities that has the function such as a public hall/libraries/cultural facilities with large regions Machimura. The school where was open the school facilities of course in homemaking/music ventricle etc. And utilize is aimed at.
8 Lure of a 8 school
The entrance rate to an university and junior college be 36.9%. Besides it is greatly getting worse even to a specialized school. However, there are few saucers in Gunma Pref. Such that a youngster anchors I search the lure of an university/junior college special corse school.
9 Improvement of the alternating current between a 9 area
In Showa 54 Chiba Pref. Ooamishirasato-machi and sisters town are concluded. Disaster prevention mutual help accord is concluded in 1995 including Tokyo Met. Kita-ku and alternating current, from Showa 60. See the wide wisdom with, the multilateral alternating current with city etc
10 Improvement of the life of the aged
It is 21.9% of population population, over 65 years old in October, 1995. The aging is predicted from now on and the life the old person is healthy being useful as the member of a society aims at the society that is produced.

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