Natural history

Mountain of the left back Mount O-no-ko range
Mountain of the right back Mount Haruna system
The center the river that flows Agatsuma River
The front Ise-machi face
Nakanojo-machi is in a Nakanojo basin the middle and accumulation thing and, beautiful river terrace of the Nakanojo lake is seen during the ancient times.
The center of the basin Agatsuma River flows and Yamada River/Nakuta River is flowing into the river. The river terrace is seen in the valley of this river.
During the ancient times the Nakanojo lake was formed 100,000 years ago a number. It is the major axis when the lake became biggest 18 km, depth 210 m It is conjectured that there was.
After that, the corrosion by the river goes on and formed the river terrace. The straw raincoat field face, Narida face, Nakanojo face, Ise-machi face are seen even the present in order, from the upper classes. The rare accumulation thing is seen into this terrace. The mud flow hill of the mud flow accumulation thing, is formed to the nakanojo face. Although the form is the manner of just, burial mound the filling is a volcanic bomb, volcanic sand, loam.
When it was the 3rd period the hit of the Orida area is in the sea bed and are the treasure of a fishes fossil. The Pacific mackerel and sardine, bivalve etc., are excavated. It is of the sardine before 20 several years 10 cm (the author of the Nakanojo town page gathered the bivalve of the scale fossil and a little below Even. ) There is the book that introduces the model course that searches the river riverside inside a/the firm when.

The volcano is not found near this hot spring, although Shima hot spring are famous. The depth prducing rocks called Shima rock bodies exists in underground from what the rock that degenerated in, this area be exposing. It is thought that be the heat source of a hot spring and underground in cools down this rock that the heat in the time is remaining yet. Quartz diorite distributes and a/the crystal produces.