Sawatari hot spring hotel

History of a Sawatari hot spring is old, finish hot water of Kusatsu as "hot water of beauty"
A sulfuric acid salt spring of the colorless transparency that is said that. Texture is soft, get warm to the core of a body.
Does not it try to do the hot water peace thoroughly with the stay for a long term? Busy life with a job of around a day
From the walk of the town between the mountain that overflows literary emotion including a detached building, Kuresaka Pass "Maki water song tombstone"
Does not it try to do it? The person who it was about to forget should be able to meet cloudiness that not. Also,
Sawatari is good the access to Kusatsu/Manza area, can also go out to skiing.
Spring quality wa calcium sodium sulfuric acid salt/chloridation thing hot spring be, effect wa neuralgia/
It works to rheumatism women's diseases/skin diseases.
Inquiry of reservation each hotel etc. to directly please
(Phone number+0279, capacities, dew; the open air bath, dri; drinking spring place)

Inn name (Telephone, capacity, facility) Characteristics price zone(yen)
Miyataya inn (66-2231,50, dew, pool, ) Wonderful open air bath of view 8,000-13,000
Maruhon inn (66-2011,71) Inauguration 400 years. Hut form large bath of hot water 8,500-14,000
Ryumei-kan (66-2221,51) sun tree bath. There is a massage room 8,000-15,000
Kanetoku inn (66-2711,40) Countryside cooking such as the bean paste made in its house well received 7,000-10,000
Miharu-en (66-2224,68) A still location. There is a rock bath. 8,000-10,000
Mikiya inn (66-2227,25) The stage which has a hearth. A skiing lesson passable. 6,500-11,000
Toraya inn(66-2065,20) The bath of antique tile tension. 6,500-11,000
Sumiyoshiya inn (66-2521,25) The home cooking of a fresh vegetable is offered. 8,000-10,000
Fukudaya inn (66-2531,25) Along Sawatari River it is that quiet stage. 7,000-9,000
Sansui-sou Moriya (66-2131,50) Wargen minicar museum be popularity. 8,000-12,000
Sawatari-kan (66-2218,24) The atmosphere of an old good Japanese house it is proficient. 6,000-8,000
Marufuku inn(66-2331,25) The aged large welcome. It is car greeting and farewell to a sightseeing resort. 6,000-8,000
Kaneki inn (66-2216,21) Hand made nudle(Udon) is very popular. 5,000-6,000
*** Joint bathroom ***
It is possibility that bathe for free if it is wearing the summer dishabille of an inn until 9 o'clock p.m., more at 10 o'clock a.m.