Nakanojo town history folkways data mansion

Building itself of the data mansion be the cultural assets. White coating of wall of it is wooden 2-storied. (The prefecture designation important cultural asset)

The artist Hagihara Shusui exhibition(5th) of the home country that was buried.(1998 on February 24 to March 22)
It is the Girl's Festival exhibition from March 1. They display tier stand for dolls decoration. Also, there been a chick/there is the distribution of rice cake.

The history and a race of Nakanojo-machi are exhibited elaborately from the ancient times to a present.
Exhibition of the ancient times data earthen vessel and stone implement, clay image figure etc.
Exhibition of situation in the art and age of wars in the middle age data Kamakura era
Introduction of the history of Shima hot spring
Exhibition of the classroom, text book where cause Terakoya in the classroom Edo period thought
Exhibition of folkways data life equipment and agriculture tool
Image of the war Pacific War

(Example of recent special exhibition) Confirm with telephone etc.
History of the hot spring and hot water stage hot water stage.
We think movie"the man who sleeps" Shiozawa Souma's picture.('96 on November 26 to on December 8)
Exhibition of old photograph and camera ('96 on October 15 to on November 24)
Exhibition of result etc. of excavation work of the deposit cultural assets that even the present is carried out
Taniuchi Rokuro exhibition
Suzuki Hide exhibition (' 96 10/4-10)

The access: Walking 10 minutes from JR Agatsuma line
Nakanojou-machi 947-1 Zip 377-0424
Telephone 0279-75-1922 fax 0279-75-6878

Closed on Nations of national holiday in next morning, the end of the year New Year's greetings on Monday each week .

Entrance mansion time at 9 o' clock a. m. to 4 o' clock p. m.

Entrance mansion charge grown-up 200 yen, the small junior high school student 100 yen (the party reduction 20 or more people 2 discounts)