Gion festival

Whole country , various Gion festival are carried out. Even Nakanojo town is the town which the small town/village has been able to merge and there are many shrines. The festival is tackled as the event of the area even more as the religion event, although it is carried out as divine service. The new festival is not divine service and, be planned with the event and the back-up of the administration etc. is done for that and might be developing. (Old) Nakanojo town decides the day on August 1 and the Gion festival is carried out grandly and crowded with many townspeople. Eight festival cars are run centering around national highway number 353 and crowded with the quarrel drum and night stall. I introduce an event color rich Ise town festival in this page.

Ise town festival

The evening festival is carried out in this festival, the previous day on the 1st Sunday in September every year.
It cross national highway number 353 in 2 days and open it as the pedestrian precinct and crowded with many spectators.

Heisei the fiscal year 9 Ise town Gion festival plan

Seeing it even the Shimonocho festival plaza!

(3 festival cars knead a main event festival car line and walk. ) It is many (the palanquin of the Ise young prince and also enterprise etc. the palanquin line! )
Dancing 1000 people it is (the splendid dance of the enterprise and party. )
Program that concentrated (the design the falseness matrix the charm)
Prefectural police band parade
1st elementary school playing easy department, color gards dril.
The festival plaza (the Ise town Shimonocho)
Change seed bicycle, bingo convention, charity Karaoke
Beer garden, in addition,

In 1997 as a result of the contest (title omission)
Portable shrine town headman prize Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd., the parishioners representative long prize Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., prize JA Agatsuma, the press club prize Gunma Bank, Ltd., Ise young prince prize east sum bank
top young prince, Nakanojo town office Yagi knot love meeting photograph Ise young prince prize Sanbonmatsu Kazuo, acceptance Iwagami Kenichi, Tanaka Isao, Toida Yoshimi,during 1000 dance festival SecretaryGeneral prize Agatsuma central hospitals, Agatsuma police chief prize Nakanojo town office, headman of a ward chairman prize Gunma Bank, Ltd. falseness matrix excellent prize on 16th meeting , the special prizes and beauty
The contest is carried out every year. The reward and extra prize depart many (the conversation inside the ranges of the budget with a/the limit). I am invigorated and please participate in the contest.

The Heisei the fiscal year 9 Ise young prince headquarters executive decided with Ise town gold happiness on Thursday, March 6, 1997.
The executive in next fiscal year is Ise young prince head Sekiguchi, top young prince head Shimizu, middle young prince head Horiguchi.
I am waiting for the participation of the one that sees the homepage, because it is raising over ordinary year even, the Ise town festival in Heisei the fiscal year 9.

The Heisei the fiscal year 9 Shimonocho executive decided in Tokyo Ginza on Saturday, February 8, 1997.
The executive in next fiscal year is head Watanuki, subhead Miyazaki, total young prince care Takebuchi, festival car head Ogata, accounts Kogure. The Ise young prince head was elected from Shimonocho.

The score (the Shimonocho version) of the drum

The practice of the drum for drum of striking it the one (the score) was prepared. (Part of opening) this is the Shimonocho version. Please try one, with the margin in time. ! ! !
Do not even you try to participate in the festival? The festival be the one that participates!
As for one of participation hope, give communication to the person in charge of each town (the Kaminocho, Nakanocho, Shimonocho).

The fax of the Nakanojo town page was established.
I am applying for it to NTT. If the number is decided I publish it.
(Print order form and please send. )
Besides, please ship it with a free format. I am waiting for many opinions.
In Ise town Shimonocho, 16 days comunity at all the meeting on and drinking. I am doing even the activity of the optional party that says that actively. Return