Medicine king garden

Herb agriculture park, beauty field highlands refreshing parks of number one in Japan

It opens even a large toy (the photograph) and parent water park from the spring of 1997 !
The medicine king garden that improved still more.

The rich nature that the village of the China medicine and Sawada fostered amalgamates. Nature and health the herb agriculture park of number one in Japan appears in the theme. Many herbs and herb are growing into the out-of-door herb farm and green house house. The child of 400 yen are necessary to, (the entrance garden 800 yen, the grown-up. The physically disabled be 400 yen)
The winter season special charge was bound. Until on December 1,1996`March 31,1997 the charge is given a discount. The grown-up pulls it 300 yen and the child becomes favor 150 yen.
For the year at the time of membership card admission as the information communication expenses of a/the card reign, event etc. Two thousand yen (1 year for effective)
The various event is planned.
A kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing every month 2nd on Sunday the participation free
Herb lease make on December 14 at 11 o' clock a. m. Two thousand yen
Making of rice cake for New Year on December 21 to 23 days 5,000 yen (5 kg)
Herb study meeting every week the soil day at 1 o' clock p. m. More the participation free
(The medicine king mansion)
The samples of as many as 1000 point herb medicine trees. There is the much equipment that checks the condition of one' s health. The body fat measuring device. Blood pressure/pulse measuring device. Besides.
(The craftwork experience village)
We experience woodworking/bamboo work/plants dyeing . The production of the work is produced under the guidance of the specialist. Please do the inquiry by phone in an/the advance, because there is the necessary thing of reservation. )
Part of introduction of the experience charge
(The Chinese medicine pharmacy)
The pharmacist is residing and be able to concoct only you Chinese herb medicine.
(The medicine tray restaurant)
The Japanese food medicine tray that used, the fresh eclipse material of local end that received the blessing of nature. It refreshes it out of a/the body. Because congestion is expected during the sightseeing season, I may not be able to eat it.
(The special product direct sales store)
It is no> Herb brown other than JA Sawada direct management factory in made was special product (picklees, wine, jam etc.) and take able to height of vegetable obj selling be . It is optimum to the souvenir .
It is 30 km from Shibukawa/Ikaho I.C. checkpoint Koshi automatic roadway (About 40 minutes)
It is 10 minutes by the car from Nakanojo station during the JR Agatsuma line.
Medicine king garden JA Sawada (a/the Sawada farmers' cooperative society) Even the corner that sells the special product of the homepage, local end of JA Sawada opening
Inquiry tip: Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojo town large letter Orita 2411 (Zip 377-0433) Telephone 0279-75-7111 facsimile 0279-75-7123