Ichiriki sushi

Ichiriki sushi (Shima hot spring 64-2502)
It is very delicius that the rice is good. It is by all means to the daytime, dinner in Shima hot springs.
Shima Yamaguchi-kan neighbours. Even that requests the delivery from the hot water of the clear stream is a passable.

In the spring of 1999 price survey
Special Sushi 1500 Iron fire bowl 1300
Special Chirashi sushi 1500 The tuna bowl 1300
top value Sushi 1300 Cucumber roll 550
midle Sushi 1300 Glue roll 550
top value Chirashi sushi 1000 Plum roll 550
standard sushi 900 Glue roll 600
The local brew (the special selection) 350 Juice and the like 200
Beer 600
Besides for instance, the heap of Sashimi is combined you are able to respond the order.