Tea Game of Shirokubo

It is carried out on February 24 every year in the house of Ocha-kou.
(Country designated important unform folkways cultural assets)
Being inheriting Tou-cha (drinking aim of tea) that is carried out from the Edo period with the method in that time they are carrying out Tou-cha (folkways event) in 1 place, the middle age a present merely in the whole country.
šIt is possible even experience. (Ingredients reservation)
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It is 30,000 yen for 1 to 30 persons, and 1,000 yen addition for one over 31 people, .
Secretariat: Nakanojo-machi large character Gotanda 3529, Machida industry Li.C ,Machida Shigeru

On February 24, 97 Ocha-kou was carried out. It comes that it is appeared 4 Hanakatugi (although all question to every)and 1 Sakasappana(miss of all questions) this year(24 people middle) . Becoming the good harvest as there are many these number of persons it is able to have expectation to the harvest in reason this year that.

(Origin of Ocha-kou in Shirokubo)
(Nakanojo-machi magazine/the 1st volume from)
It is conveyed the community in Shirokubo that Yamada he whole family moved in from Ichishiro village and be observed that) there be several displays in (a picture map in a former allowance period Arata community which was open around the Edo period first term. It seems that (Yamada he conveys as the whole family of the relation of resource Agatsuma and he was connected to the middle age/Iwaidou lord of a castle)
Or one that (1170) Nitta Sou depend on this connection and be contributed elegantly Hanayamain Fujihara Tadao in 2 Hogen a north and south ara, an era last stageHanayamain Sijyu dedicates Seiitaisyogun general Kira Imperial prince (Muneyoshi Imperial prince the 2nd prince) and come down to Ueno country Terao castle and Shiju lives in Agatsuma-gun Aoyama-Gou and get on Aoyama he a name. Hanayamain Aoyama Shiju teach the tea from such case, Jijyu of Murakami, Yamada etc. where followed and, open Tou-cha party with Aoyama, a city castle as the wind of a metropolis the one, that conveyed and memorize a brown play is conceivable that it was transmitted to Shirokubo with Yamada he.

(Maiking tea,Tou-cha)
(Maiking tea and a concoction)
The one that exercised with Furui(sifter) and of Chinpi(skin of mandarin orange), hydrangeas teas, rough tea with a brown hand mill separately is made 12 packages all told by (Moto) concoction proportion. (Tenjin tea 1, sample tea 4, the tea 7)
(Tou-cha of the progress and the result)
Tenjin tea (the same thing), sample tea as the tea of a customer sampling after, the tea 7 packages of not in order I drink a kind rival in and apply. The result records an issue every 1 time. Only an one who gives a correct answer divides and receives indistinctness what (the old days distributed a candy after all completion.
A record enters to "Tou-cha joint signature drapery" and be preserved the long time. There be each name in the correct answer number and there is a legend when many years of all question correct answers (Hanakatsugi), all question uncorrect answer (Sakasapana) become the good harvest.