A little bit イイ conversation

A/the whole country junior high school station biography convention victory, middle 之 article junior high school male (23 Dec. 1998)

On July 30, 1998 Mr. Keizo Obuchi of the Nakanojou-machi graduate, was elected by a/the Prime Minister.

Please give stimulation to the economic activities of Japan in new Cabinet. Even many persons of Nakanojou-machi are expecting.
《主語なし》I am expecting the such policy/effect that by is handed down that there is a parents' home in the place of 100 m from an/the author home a/the child.

Nakanojou-machi in a little bit a/the イイ conversation

Vicinity cities,towns and village of a little bit a/the イイ conversation

A little bit derailment

It is many of the menus from the way to make of the way to make smoker made of Mr. (1 Nov. 1998 to 14 of Nov. 1998)

Plan from a/the request, this

Recruitment of the Nakanojou-machi Internet social welfare activities

To want to tackle from this

Outline ★ regarding the Internet application in a/the ★ established by town school

To a/the Nakanojou-machi graduate!
《主語なし》Covering the information that wants, to you who are able to return only in the Bon festival and the year-end I offer it.
《主語なし》I publish it in mail or homepage as early as possible, in the range which is possible.

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A little bit イイ conversation