Renewal information (in 1997)

Dec.    《主語なし》The stamp launching (11/28) of 7 1997  Tomizawa family residence . I publish a/the photograph.  
Dec.    3 1997 snow fell.  (12/2)   
Addition of) that is (be in April, 1997 a/the Nov. 23 1997  lodging charge   
Event addition in Nov. 12 1997  recent event  November   
A/the Nov. 5 1997  Agatsuma path (a/the buckwheat noodle shop)   
Oct. 31 1997  old Tomizawa family residence became a stamp   Tomizawa family residence (a country designated important cultural asset)  Oct. 26 1997  Kuresaka Pass in, thriving (10/25 surveys) of the red leaves   
Phone book of an/the Oct. 21 1997  meal 処 restaurant   
		Classification in terms of the layout change, category of a/the sightseeing guide   
Oct. 15 1997  (a/the JR train) Agatsuma line train timetable revision (' 97 October 1)    
		Sightseeing guide,  Wakayama Bokusui festival    

之 article lake during Oct. 8 1997  the middle a/the 之 article basin  beautiful riverbank terraces, ancient times   
Oct. 3 1997  history of (a/the plan exhibition) a/the hot spring and hot water stage hot water stage (on October 1, 97〜on November 24)  meal information,  dandelions (a/the dandelion) (75-3700)   
Sep. 28 1997 meal information, the  Aoki home menu   
《主語なし》It causes opened the information,  that have a meal Sep. 23 1997 and the menu   
《主語なし》Sep. 21 1997 sightseeing guide, たけ and ま,  アケビ of I eat and an/the one   
Ise town festival photograph replacement of the page, 峻介/悠太 of the Sep. 21 1997 author   
Sep. 20 1997 meal information,  olive  addition   
Sep. 1 1997  an/the under 之 town festival open space (an/the Ise town Gion festival)  time schedule carrying Aug. 29 1997 recent event, October minute addition   
The delivery menu of the house of Aug. 26 1997 meal information,  bamboo   
		 , The page of old horse chestnut 窪 branch school  in the link addition of  "a/the month and cabbage"    
Aug. 12 1997 recent event, September minute addition   
Jul. 29 1997  recent event (What' s new)  addition   
		Link link  homepage of quickly  addition   
《主語なし》I renew it after a long time Jul. 22 1997.  PC has broken from July 10 through 11th.  
		《主語なし》It recovered almost than July 20, although I am not completely cured.  In succession, I request it to a/the favor.  
Jul.    《主語なし》It was decided in 8 1997 sightseeing guide ( Heisei the fiscal year 9 Ise town festival plan book ) September 6 to 7 days.  
Jul.    (A/the tortoise was discovered the pages of the 6 1997 authors.  )   
Jul.    It is use Jul with 3 1997 sightseeing guide ( old horse chestnut 窪 branch school ) a/the movie "a/the month and cabbage".   1 1997 a little bit a/the イイ conversation ( Nakanojou-machi staff recruitment )   
		A/the hotel guide ( next Yamaki home inn 取 fax establishment )   
A/the Jun 29 1997 sightseeing guide ( swamp Watari/opposite under course )   
A/the Jun 29 1997 sightseeing guide ( 40,000 hot spring summer festivals )   
A/the Jun 24 1997 sightseeing guide ( 40,000 hiking courses )   
A/the Jun 21 1997 sightseeing guide ( hiking course )   
《主語なし》Jun 19 1997  I strike and neam it and experience  (たけ and ま mansion)   
《主語なし》It is the application start of exclusive use facsimile 1997 middle 之 article town pages Jun 18.  It is 0279-70-1234.  
《主語なし》I fish Jun 17 1997  ' 97 special lodging plans  バーベキュープラン, mountain stream and be a plan, home country cooking plan, in addition, Jun 16 1997  searching page opening  あ and list an/the item in the order of a/the top.  《主語なし》So that it jumps to an/the item it did.  
《主語なし》A/the Jun 14 1997 sightseeing guide ( striking and nearing it it is possible even experience )   
Jun 13 1997 a little bit a/the イイ conversation (a/the  ゆずり be a/the Shou staff recruitment  information end)   
Jun 11 1997  the carp streamer (the photograph) of Mount Takayama ,  たけ and ま mansion (a/the photograph)   
		A/the medicine king garden (a/the photograph)   
Link is stretched to fly directly to (a/the change place Jun 10 1997 renewal information)   
About Jun 4 1997 Nakanojou-machi (the reproduction of  comprehensive program , the 4th idea)   
		A little bit a/the イイ conversation ( surveillance personnel part-time job recruitment of a/the townspeople swimming pool )   
《主語なし》It is the number decision of exclusive use facsimile 1997 middle 之 article town pages Jun 5.  It is 0279-70-1234.  Construction work waiting.  
Jun 3 1997 a little bit a/the イイ conversation ( Internet social welfare activities recruitment ) a/the Jun 2 1997 sightseeing guide ( middle 之 article card sales start )   
《主語なし》It is the establishment of exclusive use facsimile 1997 middle 之 article town pages May 31.  (Equipment extension) May 30 1997 a little bit a/the イイ conversation ( ゆずり be a/the Shou staff recruitment )   
		《主語なし》It avoids that is done an/the inquiry to the particular department etc. of an/the administration government office with (the homepage of an/the individual, an/the overall with respect to, the concealment of an/the inquiry tip) (consent completion, drawing depiction May 29 1997 Nakanojou-machi about a/the city planning about,  display of a new usage area ) about Nakanojou-machi.  
		《主語なし》Link addition, hotel guide ( it finishes and stop 40,000 and the cell of a/the flower )   
To the menu of May 27 1997  "the opinion collection to a/the homepage"  addition   
《主語なし》It is a/the forwarding plan after I get (a/the city planning about, the display of a new usage area)→consent about May 27 1997 Nakanojou-machi.  
(The heap, ツツジ アカシヤ of a/the bamboo shoot are blossoming (on May 1 population addition, various institutions, townspeople swimming pool photograph carrying) May 21 1997 ちょ and イイ conversation about ( " まちづくり that has "moisture and power Minister of Home Affairs commendation ) May 22 1997 Nakanojou-machi about May 26 1997 Nakanojou-machi.  ) The page (the village festival of the recent situation report, Chinese milk vetch) of the author   
A/the May 20 1997 sightseeing guide ( village festival of Chinese milk vetch )   
		A little bit a/the イイ conversation ( fire fighting staff recruitment )   
A/the May 15 1997 sightseeing guide (direct sales place たけ and ま, たけ and ま mansion)   
《注意:一部解析不可能》《主語なし》About May 14 1997 Nakanojou-machi (various institutions, townspeople pOOL, it is ゆうあ and Shou) a/the May 7 1997 sightseeing guide (an/the Ise town festival,  drum score carrying start )   
(The tortoise of our house escaped the page of the author ( school of Nakanojou-machi  in ,1997 data to replacement) about May 6 1997 Nakanojou-machi)   
		A/the sightseeing guide (a/the traffic guide,  JR bullet train timetable )   
Apr. 30 1997 a little bit a/the イイ conversation (the village festival of れんげ)   
		A/the sightseeing guide (たけ and ま,  たけ and ま mansion were opened )   
《主語なし》23 Apr. 1997 hotel guide (40,000 hot springs,  I inquire the vacancy room situation of a/the hotel of 40,000 hot spring organizations ) a/the sightseeing guide ( data request to a/the sightseeing organization )   
13 Apr. 1997 sightseeing guide (a/the traffic guide,  bus train timetable )   
) 5 Apr. that have done (Tokyo セサミプレイス the pages of the 9 Apr. 1997 authors 2 Apr. 1997 link addition (a long field central elementary school)   
(Cheer 26 Mar. 1997 link addition (the address of government agency 公 office etc.: the middle a/the 之 article health center→Agatsuma health center) 31 Mar. 1997 Nakanojou-machi and) 3 homepages   
		The page (the ヘールボップ comet, 悠太 day nursery completion) of the author   
Addition of the test application starts, start pages of 23 Mar. 1997 English editions   
The addresses (the elimination of the hospital) of 22 Mar. 1997 government agency 公 places   

Nakanojou-machi where makes) and be not able to fly to (a home large item 14 Mar. 1997 hotel guide (a/the full-page) a/the return tip modification (a/the public hall: a/the personal computer lecture example introduction)   
12 Mar. 1997 renewal information opening   
		Page of the author (the growth record of a/the child: 峻介, in a/the hazel east hometown park   
			Recent situation report: 悠太/Shunsuke in a/the natural history museum)