Renewal information (in 1998)

Dec.    30 1998  recent situation report  making of rice cake, skiing, in addition,   
Dec.    27 1998  middle 之 article junior high school victory  whole country junior high school station biography conventions   
Dec.    23 1998  recent situation report  citron child hot water, in addition,.  
Dec.    《主語なし》I will change and will put on it to a/the studless tire by now 22 1998     
Dec.    It is during an/the introduction the location in the dramas, Azuma-cho of the topics of 18 1998  the middle the 之 woods  キムタク, Nakayama Miho.  A/the link was stretched.  
Dec.    Terminology of 18 1998  sewerage    
Dec.    13 1998  now the first season skiing    
Dec.    9 1998  移 floor ceremony creature membrane ろ過 systems a/the test    
Dec.    The 9 1998 first ice of the season were stretched.  
Dec.    7 1998  long stay plans    
Dec.    7 1998  winter season special lodging plans    
Dec.    7 1998  of〜the びりGoGo plan plan that not    
Dec.    《主語なし》I purchased 5 1998 digital cameras.  《主語なし》I loaded it a/the sample.  A/the smoked food machine, Yamaki home bath, in addition,.   
Dec.    Mechanisms of 3 1998  sewerage    
Nov.    《主語なし》I challenge 14 1998  the way to make made of Mr.  ニジマス, chicken.  
Nov.    14 1998 red leaves have got off in a/the town.  Frost, becomes snow.  
Nov.    It is (Ise town in) 6 1998 first frost of season.  
Nov.    《主語なし》It is a/the closure regretfully 1 1998  meal information  Agatsuma path.  
Nov.    之 article-Shinji became near during 1 1998  red root tunnel opening .  
Nov.    《主語なし》It is possible even a/the sausage, ニジマス in the meantime 1 1998  the way to make made of Mr. .  
Microorganism that cleans Oct. 31 1998  old horse chestnut 窪 branch school, photograph holder ,  伊参 studio park, photograph addition  Oct. 30 1998  water   
It is a/the relation information renewal to Oct. 9 1998 season fall.  
Oct. 4 1998  trip of plan exhibition Wakayama Bokusui and Agatsuma, 枯 field  Nakanojou-machi history folkways data mansion Sep.   To the journeys, Agatsuma of 23 1998  Hiramatsu gratitude 2 exhibition  paths/soul   
Sep.    Dialogue of 22 1998  Mizuki meeting  months and heart   
Sep.    20 1998  creature drying machine デルコンポ  component data addition   
Sep.    13 1998  grape hunting    
Sep.    10 1998  Gunma location, location set maps (a/the month and cabbage)    
Sep.     3 1998  swamp Watari hot spring outdoors park  addition   
Sep.     A/the link was stretched to 1 1998  homepage of an/the oak home inn .  
Sep.     《主語なし》A/the link was stretched to 1 1998  it does that and the homepage of ま and inn .  
Sep.     A/the link was stretched to 1 1998  homepage of a/the Miyata home inn .  
Aug.    Aug that stretches a/the link to sludge disappearance system  God steel bread park  that used 27 1998 favorite heat bacteria.   《主語なし》I put in 21 1998  middle 之 article town page notice board  notice board systems.  《主語なし》I was able to reply to establishment request finally.  
Aug.    Sludge disappearance system that used 12 1998  favorite heat bacteria   
Mr. Keizo Obuchi of the July 30 1998  Nakanojou-machi graduate was elected by a/the Prime Minister.  
July 30 1998  Heisei the fiscal year 10 Ise town Gion festival plan book   
Mr. Keizo Obuchi of the July 24 1998  Nakanojou-machi graduate was elected by the Liberal Democratic Party president.  
July 20 1998  rent-a-car handling began   
July 17 1998  plan exhibition Oguri Ueno 介 and the era   
《主語なし》Homepage July 11 1998  Aoyama city castle area agriculture community drainage of Mr./ Ms. ど that does not obtain  it observes つ observes ち and つな observes ち ひ of the universe and and つ  that changes it a/the July 11 1998 link address   
July 1 1998  Nakanojou-machi staff recruitment   
July 1 1998  fire fighting staff recruitment   
Sterilization of the 放 running water by a/the Jun 14 1998  ultraviolet rays lamp   
It is Jun 8 1998  40,000 hot spring festivals  NHK disclosure broadcast, contact song stage Jun to a/the Jun 11 1998 mail address change, khiroshi @ mail. wind. ne. jp.   7 1998  summer season special lodging plan  together enjoyable summer vacation 6,400 yen〜it is Jun.   2 1998  Updating the English version  data stamp is Mar. 2 1998Jun.    1 1998  creature drying machine デルコンポ  under swamp Watari agriculture community drainage   
The shooting place (Takayama-mura) of a/the May 18 1998  plain  month and cabbage   
Page of the May 13 1998  village of たけ and ま mountain climbing, Chinese milk vetch  author   
May 8 1998  たけ and ま park  park arrangement figure   
Edible wild plant in 処, season that neare May 3 1998  foot of mountain    
Apr. 30 1998  sewerage of Nakanojou-machi  establishment   
《主語なし》It opened on May 1 Apr. 30 1998  "け 処 that neis and it comes"    
Apr. 24 1998  伊参 studio ,  伊参 studio park  cherry tree blossomed.  
Apr. 24 1998  traffic guide (a/the bus train timetable  on March 14 revision   
An/the Apr. 19 1998  recent event  cherry tree blossomed.  
		Various city  cheap city, traffic control figures   
Apr. 15 1998  on 16th the the fiscal year 1998 plan of a/the meeting    
Apr. 1 1998  recent event  on April 1 the plan note in snow, April   
It is "a/the month and cabbage" other, shooting ground guidance" the man who "sleeps Mar. 30 1998  name scenic spot of a/the movie .  
The festival of ロウソク of Mar. 10 1998  festival of a/the flame  Naganohara-machi.  
Mar. 10 1998  ワカサギ fishing  red castle Onuma   
Mar.    The addition of 7 1998  the middle a/the 之 article cinema theater  shooting place guidance.  
Mar.    The housing lot lot sales by 2 1998  Nakanojou-machi land development public corporations is been carried out.   Please apply for even, one of Nakanojou-machi outside by all means.  !  !  !  
The purchase method of a/the Feb. 26 1998  the middle a/the 之 article cinema theater  ticket is decided.  
The establishment of Feb. 25 1998  file constitution of Web Site .  
The decision of a/the Feb. 24 1998  (5th) the artist exhibition of the home country that was buried Hagihara clear water in autumn (on February 24, 98〜on March 22)  Feb. 23 1998  the middle a/the 之 article cinema theater  sales place.  
The page, photograph addition of the Feb. 22 1998 author, in addition,.  
《主語なし》It is doing  leaflet be sending for free  of a/the 之 article cinema theater during Feb. 15 1998  ちょ and good conversation .  
Feb. 15 1998  recent event  on February 15 and also it snowed.  
《主語なし》It came with the leaflet of a/the 之 article cinema theater during Feb. 12 1998  ちょ and good conversation .  Fax form addition.  
Japanese -ization of a/the Feb. 12 1998 title.  《主語なし》It was English or Roman characters (until now.  ) Event addition in Feb. 12 1998  recent event  March   
It is "hot sky Feb. 2 1998  old horse chestnut 窪 branch school  "the month and cabbage", link addition in August, "a/the month and cabbage"," the man who planted "a/the tree a/the 之 article cinema theater during Feb. 4 1998  ちょ and good conversation .  Event in homepage Feb. 1 1998  February of Mr./ Ms. ど that does not obtain つ  and つな observe ち and つ observe ち and observe ひ of the universe   
Jan. 28 1998  あ べん (Agatsuma lunch)  menu addition.  
The link to Jan. 26 1998  homepage of an/the Azuma-cho sightseeing organization  was stretched.  .  
Jan. 21 1998  Aoki home , photograph addition, bride recruitment.  
Jan. 21 1998  long stay plans (40,000 hot springs)   
A Jan. 21 1998  GoGo inexpensive lodging plan (a/the swamp Watari hot spring)   
A/the Jan. 16 1998 heavy snowfall fell.  《主語なし》Going after a/the bird it is held a/the festival   
Replacement, URL of a/the Jan. 10 1998 server 2 were attached to (www to www2)   
		It is 3,257 (total), 2,025 (Japanese), 118 (English) before a/the counter reset, reset.  
Jan.    6 1998  Yamaki home inns, menu photographs   
		On 16th a/the meeting (Santa Claus appearance)   
Jan.    Correspondence of the 4 1998 new postal code (7 column)   
Jan.    1 1998 recent events, birds are gone after and a/the festival (on January 14)