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The various opinions and impression to my homepages are delivered with mail. 《主語なし》I think that I want to disclose an/the opinion, to make a better page and reflect these. Disclosure, because be not receiving mail with a/the premise and be even the one who thinks that it has difficulty that it is disclosed name etc. asked to cause to anonymity. 《主語なし》I would appreciate an/the opinion very much, because I think that I want to go the disclosure of an/the opinion continuously even from this. The one who hopes disclosure with nonexistent, real name anonymously would appreciate entry to mail to that effect. In succession, I would appreciate the application of a/the homepage.
The facsimile of a/the middle 之 article town page was established.
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Subject: a/the Nikkei BP mook: the request of article carrying Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 of 18:11: 27+0900 I issue the Yellow Pages "Nikkei BP Internet season and year description 1999" that introduce オススメサイト, constant seller site from leisure, entertainment etc., wide fields in a/the we Nikkei BP company, on March 26. 《主語なし》I am scheduled to record about 2100 sites where the contents and design are able to recommend to a/the reader widely and be excelling to, this mook in each field. 《主語なし》It is as soon as I asked to cause to contact, think that I would like you to cause to introduce the page, http of that://www2.gunmanet. or. jp/khiroshi/page-j/pj030504.html with the middle. I am scheduled to ask to cause record the contents introduction sentences of the title, URL, about 100 characters of a/the homepage, on the pages and also appendix CD-ROM.
It is Subject: request. Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 of 09:03: 00+0900 《主語なし》I am suddenly excused with mail. 《主語なし》I***I am the person who is working to education research institute. ***In, Internet utilization education is about to begin at last. However, outline etc. for the Internet utilization are equal condition to almost come. The essential part is the condition of undevelopment still, although the devices introduction are already beginning. 《主語なし》It has come to will linked fairly frequently inquiry etc. 《主語なし》This feeling****even with, (a/the position business is able to think the answer to an/the inquiry) although I am not doing it only be thinking that I want to be doing appropriate reception. 《主語なし》I had the honor of seeing "the outline regarding an/the Internet application" from the homepage of such the middle, Nakanojou-machi board of education. 《主語なし》I served to many of the sentences that were conceivable actually well 敬. 《主語なし》I understood the situation that Internet utilization education is carried out actively fairly well. 《主語なし》In line with this, it is carried out "the outline regarding the Internet application" that Nakanojou-machi board of education was made on February 23 as the reference in each future school,***I think that I would like you to cause an/the introduction to the people (teacher one of Konaka high of the inside prefecture) of a/the ご参 meeting with the research announcement meeting within an/the education research institute place. Please I would appreciate it if you could acknowledge it about this case.
《主語なし》It does sightseeing to: Subject 40,000 hot springs It is Date: begin. 《主語なし》This time, it does sightseeing to 40,000 hot springs. The bus timetable of a/the traffic guide was useful very much. 《主語なし》If I do not know that there is only 1 book in one hour in a/the station 《主語なし》I think that it was serious while waiting. 《主語なし》If I do it to see the page of an/the inn timetable of a/the bus 《主語なし》You may check even though it was nonexistent. Thank you for information.
Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 of 21:34: 47+0900 《主語なし》It opens it and congratulation! How was New Year? 《主語なし》The preparation in dear enjoyable New Year that I have forgotten in Tokyo, when I am seeing H. P imp be recalled. And having っぱ, attachment be なぁ that year is one of the event that is indispensable.
Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 of 08:50: 53+0900 《主語なし》***With I am taking the business of human waste processing relation, in the company which says. 《主語なし》Because I found the place where is thought as a/the type mistake it does mail. Http://www2.gunmanet. or. jp/khiroshi/page-j/pj120103.html >>Chlorine converts and also, oxidize a recent cell and also have strong toxicity to a/the creature. Chlorine converts and also, oxidize the cell of the bacteria and also have strong toxicity to a/the creature. 《主語なし》Is not it a bacteria difference? 《主語なし》Being searching the ultraviolet rays sterilization device that use it in a/the human waste processing place now I visited the above site. 《主語なし》It is fortunate if you could teach the point, actual impression etc. that pay attention.
Subject: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 of 09:35: 37-0500 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Nakanojo de wa yuki ga futteimasu ka? Koko wa chotto suzushii kedo...
Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 of 18:42: 56+0900 H. P was had seen caused slowly a little bit today. 《主語なし》I am surprised with it. 《主語なし》I am able to shoot it well "a/the bear insect" "ワムシ" and "ボルティッセラ" etc., with a/the sewerage relation. 《主語なし》It causes read thoroughly due to study even "the terminology of sewerage" and receive it. 《主語なし》It is a/the point after. 《主語なし》If I am waiting for a/the train in everybody in the station of a/the middle 之 article the persons of the person and the extra of TV relation there are one after another and" ねぇ that "may be with 3 people because be attaching and attach the paper that scratched "the woods of the middle" って to the sign that has scratched "a/the middle 之 article" って "probably, on Tuesday the suspense or what whether about 'hot water けむり beauty murder' or of H. P was observed understood, although I was saying って" なぁ whether it is not shooting and. 《主語なし》It was" the location scene of the woods which "are able to sleep.
《主語なし》I am a manager of a meeting' to want to go Subject: 'a/the middle 之 article. Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 of 21:29: 47+0900 It is still the beginning. 《主語なし》I am asking to cause a/the manager of a/the meeting' done caused to want to go 'a/the middle 之 article and even or it says that. Recently, thank you for sending mail. 《主語なし》It is what so. 《主語なし》I go. 《主語なし》Gone it causes and receive it. I want to go. 《主語なし》It is even if it takes it. In the first place, this is that it began from my ワガママ, and I want to go to that land inevitably, and 'month キャベ' I want to taste it actually/ . 《主語なし》It is now, if I accept the person who wants to go with it, and even 16 people have gathered. 《主語なし》Only with the person who am about to cause this tour implemented seriously, really and even I love a/the 之 article during inclusion, everybody, that I say the 16 って/ . Hill, nearby streams in the house, cabbage fields, months of the fireworks/ 《主語なし》I feel a/the charm, to all. The chest is the disposal that has already done ドキドキ, although even half year over is a tip yet. HP of Mr./ Ms. Kogure is receiving causing obstructive it frequently as an/the information resource. 《主語なし》Therefore, I have got surprised, when mail came. 《主語なし》I get on and receive consultation directly, from this,/ may I do the な impudent request that wants to observe it? ? 《主語なし》It does there is not what and a/the land model/ . 《主語なし》It causes mail immediately then and also, if there is a something question and receive. I request it very much. 《主語なし》I live in a/the PS. middle 之 article it is envious how. なぁ that wants to live all together a/the family, if a/the child is possible, and get married someday/ .
《主語なし》: Subject town page〜it has been a long time. Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 of 02:00: 56+0900 《主語なし》It has been a long time Mr./ Ms. Kogure. 《主語なし》******It is. Are you learn it? (^^) I stop Yamasaki まさ that is making friends with and 3 of fan colleague of alone With the homepage of one of Yamaguchi Pref. (Mr./ Ms. Yamasaki local end) 《主語なし》It does not come furthermore a/the talk is rising. 《主語なし》If it is good please see it. Http://www. fortunecity. com/lavender/heat/109/naka. html Although tip is speaking still 《主語なし》It may be assumed to gather this day from the whole country (^^) 《主語なし》Although it may be assumed that I ask it various case, also The time requests it very much. Please teach a/the variety. 《主語なし》It ends 1 year soon. That without "how was getting rusty as" be just as to the end in summer 《主語なし》I recall the word that was said to Mr./ Ms. Kogure well. 《主語なし》Although I feel it as time is passing busily and very be busy now merely, the manner feeling that an important thing is able to be without losing sight of does. 《主語なし》Is it the favor or な that I has packed treasures in summer? 《主語なし》Please persist although I think that even Mr./ Ms. Kogure is busy.
《主語なし》It is surprising Subject: びびび! ! ! Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 of 22:33: 11+0900 《主語なし》Mr./ Ms. Kogure good evening it is あ ーーーー. 《主語なし》It became after a long time めっちゃ/ . 《主語なし》November is flourished with a/the job fairly/ . December and name December in when is attached it is rushing usual even recently today/ 《主語なし》Flourishing, what favor! to the sales of carrying even and it is serious every day/ I checked it a/the newspaper in a/the company the other day immediately, (笑)! ! ! 《主語なし》It is すっ! 《主語なし》It is surprising! ! 《主語なし》It is. ね ー that a/the Kogure family, was appearing with デカデカ! ! ! This be っ that is a permanent preservation version. It is スゴイ to book ま! ! ! 《主語なし》Is it あ whether or not even then, デジカメ is ったん that I buy it? つ/finally/ . After all, a little bit the timing of a/the shutter chance difficult ね/ . 《主語なし》Me even of, it becomes fairly old fashioned already/ . 《主語なし》Although it becomes vacant because a/the difficult point is the place which a/the flash does not attach/ 《主語なし》It is and ー な ー ー (笑) that new want it was that I think seriously て that not な ー. 《主語なし》It is looking forward to increasing one after another from new work photograph UP this of HP! ! !
Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 of 16:30: 39+0900 《主語なし》It is business trip fatigue さま for long time. Because the 之 article area goes well the middle, because I am asking to give next fiscal year, west Agatsuma sanitation center Agatsuma eastern part sanitation center Shibukawa sanitation center and budget the meal information was a very merciful case. Thank you. As for this HOME page be all the Mr./ Ms. Kogure producing it? It is although even microorganism etc. are riding beautifully actually. I am asking to cause it studied.
《主語なし》It is ね so as not to pull Subject: a/the cold. Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 of 22:37: 59+0900 Mr./ Ms. Kogure good evening. Whether or not even Saitama is becoming cold/ . 《主語なし》In the mansion of what and, temperance is it って that be a canned food? Unfortunately/ (笑) Early good wine be good ぇ when it falls. 《主語なし》う〜it not. 《主語なし》It is a little patience already. Patience. By all means being persisted and lower be ゃい! ! ! 《主語なし》Is it ね that is seen the star even well tentatively, if it is to every Toda? 《主語なし》17-18th on doing it does a/the 座 shooting star group/ I am intending to see and be intending to put in it a/the shout. 《主語なし》I saw the photograph that ち that not PS: the 伊参 studio & fireworks of HP add! ! ! 《主語なし》なあ (笑) that wants to observe a/the shooting star with ち that not the fireworks, if it is to be possible
Subject: the view from Kuresaka Pass Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 of 08:54: 40+0900 《主語なし》I knew which with middle 之 article searching do, do and reach the view of the Mount Akagi direction of Kuresaka Pass although be thinking shooting and also see a/the 座 shooting star group the presence information of the light of the surroundings 《主語なし》I want and thank you.
It is m fine Subject: Re: Even I'! ! ! Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 of 07:40: 58-0500 The sewer department? Are you enjoying it? We love our home! My job is good. Are the fall colors beautiful in Nakanojo? I can' t see them in San Diego, but we are going to Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I will be able to see the changing leaves at that time. Take care!
《主語なし》It was Subject: after all! Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 of 21:17: 28+0900
ちわぁ without coming〜! 《主語なし》Is it after all? 《主語なし》It was that it has become unexpected development from aim on a/the car. 《主語なし》I do not try to see the likes that will give a favor of writing one word even HP of a/the middle 之 article if be neither such a case and be if it is also a notice board from the beginning (particularly intended to try to look a little bit to do the explanation of a/the middle 之 article to a/the friend merely involuntarily, ゆめゆめ to with/ ), much more to a/the notice board how/ Nevertheless a/the りっぱな town page was made. As for this the nose is high to a/the friend. Please make even HP of a/the house by all means this time. 《主語なし》Most, father and mother to homepage be that Internet be that say even if what or at all understand not if 思 now becomes vacant although/ changes って enjoy may because/ a the I it I it it do
Subject: Re: the matter of a/the pamphlet Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 of 00:08: 31+0900
《主語なし》It is ちわ without coming. 《主語なし》It is ○ ○ that did ま to 40,000 hot springs in oh in 13 to 14 days in September. As for the clause, thank you for various information. Sightseeing be, although it was not possible many, because it was a child companion 《主語なし》I went to a/the 甌 hole, medicine king garden. Bottom of a lake festival observed it that it says to location 《主語なし》Because I started ずり that snatches off a/the child and be crowded good, although it is one I gave up it. "The inside ざわ inn" of stage was new beautiful and even the cooking was delicious and was kind to a/the child very much. Three year-old child gets excited at the flow of beautiful water so much in a/the 甌 hole, 《主語なし》I was annoyed to pin that wants to enter on a/the river. So beautiful 《主語なし》I am envious of Nakanojou-machi where has a river. The medicine king garden be the place like a/the dream, to me which have an interest in a/the herb. 《主語なし》Even the toy of the child is enjoyable, I played together. Even the bread of a/the baking set up 《主語なし》It is delicious, it is (a remarkable idea tomato juice and pollen ice! 《主語なし》) Even it was highest. Mother-in-law the アロマテラピー complete set that makes a/the souvenir very much 《主語なし》I took the trouble of liking it. A/the return bought be full picklees and vegetable the trunk and came back. Also I want to go by all means. Thank you very much.
Subject: to an/the event the request of carrying Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 of 09:16: 37+0900
You took care of it the other day. Actually, in a/the swamp Watari hot spring outdoors park for 9/13.9/27 2 days The events of 4 circles of dune buggy getting-on experience are held. Besides it is auto camp experience in October. In November with 有 Mount Kasa mountain climbing 《主語なし》I am planning the experience style event of バーベキュー. With if be able to receive carrying to the place of the event of your homepage by all means 《主語なし》It did thought mail. I request it very much.
Subject: hello Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 of 08:28: 38+0900
《主語なし》Please cause to ask it the several, although it is very embarrassing a busy place. Has the page of 1 Mr./ Ms. Kogure got back-up etc. from a/the town? 《主語なし》Was it do the movement of the official page opening of Nakanojou-machi heretofore 2? 《主語なし》How be it? 《主語なし》Be it already? From now on how do I plan to be being escalated the pages of 3 Mr./ Ms. Kogure? Busy the middle if time is produced, because be consenting to it over and over again by all means 《主語なし》It is fortunate if you answer it. 《主語なし》I had the honor of seeing the situation of a/the family in a/the page. I am this year and (be 37 4 years old men in December wife 1, child 1). 《主語なし》I think that want to visit Nakanojou-machi and accompany a/the family someday.
Subject: Hi! ! ! Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 of 16:31: 27-0500 (CDT) Zenryaku Kogure-sama: Hello! ! ! I finally explored the Nakanojo web pages. Very nice, Kogure-san! ! ! ! It is mimpressed I'! ! ! ! Totemo kando shimashita! 《主語なし》Is it s it going with you all in Nakanojo' How? It is very hot here in NewOrleans right now. *Suge---*it is jime-jime shiteiru kedo... MAICCA! ! !
《主語なし》It is Subject: the matter of "month キャベ" a tour. Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 of 18:51: 17+0900 Hello. 《主語なし》I am the person who sent mail with the matter of "month キャベ" a/the tour the other day. 《主語なし》It reached the sightseeing leaflet of a/the middle 之 article. Thank you. 《主語なし》I think that I want to try to go even to a/the 伊参 studio park, in addition to the place (the way of the hill, bicycle in the old horse chestnut 窪 branch school, month) which appeared into a/the movie. 《主語なし》The area of the way of the 伊参 studio and bicycle are without (walking as it is difficult to go in the hill in an old horse chestnut 窪 branch school and month with ばす, although a/the bus seems to be running..). If there is a something good access method I would like you to teach. 《主語なし》Be it in Shibukawa-shi of a neighbour, although seems to is there be not the office of a/the rent-a-car in a/the middle 之 article?
Please send it Subject: a/the sightseeing leaflet! Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 of 00:26: 38+0900 Thank you for the answer. Even (actual, a while ago when is anxious whether mail is sent properly because actually there is not period including the Internet yet mistook an/the address and affected and became especially な..). 《主語なし》It is receiving and be inflecting it well, because is comprehensible to the persons of other land and HP of Mr./ Ms. Kogure be kind with a book. Seeing HP of Mr./ Ms. Kogure I intended to do "month キャベ" a/the tour! By the way, I teach the address of this. 《主語なし》I have forgotten what writes and fly up, although I should have written with the first mail. スミマセン.. 《主語なし》Forwarding request of I substitute for and thank you.
Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 of 18:46: 03+0900 Nice to meet you 《主語なし》I get sent*I am the teacher of high school (the****family) who even I am about to become in Nakanojou-machi the year eye. The feeling that asked to cause it studied all about Nakanojou-machi again, does. Especially, I asked to cause it read interestingly about the public drains of 40,000 hot spring periphery. 《主語なし》If I want to cause it to a/the student to summer vacation etc. visited I felt it. 《主語なし》I would appreciate correction because I write that a/the name observes (たけふ Karasawa Takeshi, although it is 5 ward player Karasawa Tsuyoshi Tsukasa of the 4th whole country junior high school station biography convention in イイ conversation ”, a little bit ” in various sites, although it was anxious about it a little bit. I intend to bulletin this mail a/the class this time.
Subject: a/the notice board Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 of 22:46: 38+0900 Let's camp with the one that got acquainted with a/the net with a/the middle 之 article! ! ! 《主語なし》It is rising recently that. Woods って reservation of contact or 《主語なし》Is it な whether it is crowded if it does not do it? Let's stay at a/the bungalow! 《主語なし》Although it is a plan (^^; if it does it how オフミ in a/the 伊参 studio in summer good なあ/ .
Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 of 20:11: 42+0900 《主語なし》I had an/the interest very much in the sludge disappearance by ozone. I be if can and, be doing the charge of an/the agriculture community drainage business 《主語なし》Could you teach if there be the site where I can obtain, although I want to know the explanation and detailed flow that are easy to understand?
Subject: opinion to nakanojo town Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 of 16:06: 58+0900 Although be waiting with ま and easy to understand very much even a/the sewerage relation 《主語なし》I was surprised. Especially, a/the characteristic/consideration item becomes study. 《主語なし》I felt it very closely when I ask to disclose information only this.
《主語なし》Subject: Re: a/the cinema theater how was it? Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 of 00:33: 34+0900 (JST) 《主語なし》It was very good っ that shows it the exhibition of a/the costume and small article. There was force with a large screen even though even the movie stopped halfway. It is large excitement to the enormousness in the last month! ! 《主語なし》Because the young child of まさ and ん fan were coming good it was joyful. 《主語なし》It came with a/the conversation in all of a/the Matsuoka producer. 《主語なし》It was large satisfactory in company a/the younger sister.
I hope Subject: inn inquiry Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 of 23:26: 30+0900 An/the inn is being searched with the following condition. Please answer it with mail if there is a vacancy. 《主語なし》1. I stayed overnight on Saturday, time March 28, 1998 2. a/the number of persons grown-up 3 people un就 learning 児 2 people 3. a/the budget grown-up 1 person 12,000 yen 4. cooking room food hope 《主語なし》5. it is good even if there be not a bath open-air bath. 《主語なし》If it is possible I would appreciate the big place of an/the inside bath. End
Subject: the data request of hiking etc. Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 of 23:45: 18+0900 《主語なし》It is making the plan that goes to that from March 15. Especially a/the plan is thinking that if it can, although it is not setting up it I want to do hiking etc. 《主語なし》When I am able to receive the data of sightseeing it is grateful. 《主語なし》I request it very much, although it is trouble. 〒192-0904 Hachiouji
《主語なし》I ask it Subject: and also. . . Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 of 21:48: 24+0900 (JST) ばんわ that does not come Mr./ Ms. Kogure. In a/the leaflet & the next leaflet day 《主語なし》Right away it reached. Even though a/the leaflet was hand-made って that 《主語なし》It is very pretty a/the って picture conte because of 《主語なし》It was remarkably good. 《主語なし》ど〜even it is and although with. To the map of the back of a/the leaflet シ〜ン of a/the stream and bicycle with it 《主語なし》Of to understand right away if I go although a/the place is written 《主語なし》By the way it does and whether or not ょ〜? Please teach because I want to try to do it by all means. 《主語なし》After 'August/ ' of an old Gotanda branch school is it a shooting place? I request ヨロシク if even it is knowing. 《主語なし》It is soon how 3/29. 《主語なし》It is pleasure even if it takes it from now.
《主語なし》I will get Subject: RE: the ticket Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 of 01:57: 02+0900 Good evening. I asked to cause an/the inquiry with the matter of the pamphlet of "a/the month and cabbage" before***with I say. Thank you information. Even the person who lives in the place where me parted a little, with the kindness of one of Mr./ Ms. Kogure and public office can get the ticket. 《主語なし》Very much it is saved. 《主語なし》Weekdays wa working are because, readily post office for go can seem to nonexistent although, family to order whether or not what or does, shortly thinking of applying for. the an/the is it I it it it Even the guidance of the guidance and lodging institution of a/the sightseeing spot do, for the one who goes in Nakanojou-machi from a/the great distance furthermore, or/ . Even this is very joyful care. 《主語なし》Because I thought that an overnight rate wants to be doing it/ .
Subject: Send a leaflet of Month and a cabbage Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 of 13:03: 16+0900 I asked to cause it had the honor of seeing a/the homepage. 《主語なし》I think that I want to apply to a/the vacation sees a/the てら movie, if even time is. 《主語なし》In line with this, it is fortunate when you could send it a/the leaflet and sightseeing guidance etc. 《主語なし》I request it very much, although it is trouble. Chiba Pref.***
《主語なし》It is there is Thu, 5 Feb 1998 of Subject: すっ and information and be able to acquire and do and cry and absolutely go そって! a/the colleague although with ぉ〜(T_T)←3/29. 《主語なし》There is such a chance it is very glad how. Is Gunma related even other 2 movies? Reassuring ね the information network of Mr./ Ms. Kogure even if be against and take〜. 《主語なし》Going to Ikebukuro next Friday I I will see 'a/the month and cabbage'. 《主語なし》Now it is doing encore showing. 《主語なし》ん that I saw many times with a/the video However there is not even 1 degree yet in the large screen of a/the movie theater (^^; That is able to see it in 3/29 with a large screen again. Moreover, a/the costume or properties or to/ . 《主語なし》It is that advertise and make efforts. 《主語なし》If I understand the details Also please teach. Thank you for the latest information. Even I did UP to HP promptly.
(The middle 之 article cinema theater about: the author supplement)
: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 of 16:14 48+0900/Subject: a/the link did りま.
And the middle 之 article town page of Mr./ Ms. Kogure 《主語なし》Because received and cause linked I contact. 《主語なし》Point that I must improve still now full 《主語なし》Although it is a certain page from this little by little Mr./ Ms. Kogure of 《主語なし》As it is going to be making an enjoyable page.
I stop Yamasaki まさ and 3 great fans with 伊参 and horse chestnut 窪 to 《主語なし》Even I have done it. A/the middle 之 article yes ね that is a cousin〜. Is many snow remaining still? Because I am intending to go to a/the middle 之 article also Mr./ Ms. Kogure of HP is saved very much. Latest information even from this Please introduce it quickly.
06 Dec 1997 of Subject: Opinion to Nakanojo town page
《主語なし》I had the honor of seeing a/the homepage availing of the stamp launching of the house series of Japan. That the photograph of the Tomizawa family residence is not seen is regrettable. 《主語なし》I thought that be doing ほ and load, because it is special.
Jul. 1 1997 Subject: the information inquiry request mail to a/the Nakanojou-machi sightseeing organization
"The horse chestnut 窪 branch school" of middle 之 article was as one of the location ground with the movie called 'the month and cabbage' that was disclosed the request contents: already. 《主語なし》I asked to cause inquire, think that I want to visit the place where became a stage by all means, granted that I am not able to trespass into a/the school building. Please teach about the following. School building of "the horse chestnut 窪 branch school" is it that is remaining yet 《主語なし》It is not (an owner driven car that wants address and also traffic facilities and teach if it is remaining and) public traffic facilities. 《主語なし》Movie in "open field" although て came although, horse chestnut 窪 branch school neighborhood in view of good (? an is it it ) Be there hill, or plain?
21 May 97 of Subject: Re: Nakanojo Town page
《主語なし》It is ○ ○ @ Kanagawa university ○ ○ subject 4 years. There is a request and put out mail. 《主語なし》I am thinking that want to introduce Nakanojou-machi as the profile of a/the self during そ and be making a/the homepage with the server inside present attending school with, the graduate of Nakanojou-machi even I. 《主語なし》Thereupon, doing downroad the photograph that is used with Nakanojo Town page is it good although I want to use it? Also, may I stretch a/the link in my page?
01 May 1997 of Subject: begin
Hello, Kingston-upon-Hull design @ ○ ○ is called. 《主語なし》A/the middle 之 article (Ise town of) going out it is. 《主語なし》Hearing that there be the page where introduces a/the middle 之 article it gained access. 《主語なし》It became glad in a very wonderful page. 《主語なし》I continue to persist even from this and please say. 《主語なし》Also it comes
30 Apr 1997 of Subject:
○ ○ Of a north large ○ ○ department ○ ○ lecture (a/the graduate school 1 year) is called still, the beginning. The present grew up with a/the middle 之 article long time to high school, although it is passing to an/the university in Hokkaido Sapporo-shi. 《主語なし》I have seen thought nostalgically involuntarily because I found the homepage of a/the middle 之 article, if I am looking a/the homepage. 《主語なし》I have recall, that was climbing without fail in a/the day a/the こど thing once, when the photograph of Mount Takayama is observed none the less, although I am coming back once in 1 year be remarkably nostalgic. 《主語なし》And, I think very gladly if you could prepare the page for the person where is included て with from a/the middle 之 article by all means, in addition to PR for sightseeing, although be and attach to a/the homepage. 《主語なし》For example I read it at each time of a/the renewal if become a festival" of something like situation etc., quite newspapers of situation and "a summer festival" and go after original "a/the bird Nakanojou-machi. 《主語なし》"The publicity" that is issued in month 1 and I think that I want to try to see it by all means because it is good with the information of daily work, with the view point that differed a little bit. 《主語なし》"サクラ of an/the elementary school blossomed" or "many such swimming pool where were possible be new are used" or to load into "a/the publicity a little bit/ " with is not it possible more easily if it is on the Internet, even by saying? 《主語なし》I think that this is really interesting, if you could attach a/the photograph. Please examine it by all means although time may be required. 《主語なし》I am waiting to pleasure.
24 Apr 1997 of Subject: the request of sightseeing leaflet sending
《主語なし》I am scheduling a/the family trip for 40,000 hot springs from May 2. Therefore combine sightseeing leaflet checkmate and, especially could if there be the and the like of hiking course guidance you send ? We address 〒 ○ ○ ○ 《主語なし》I address it Saitama Pref. Tokorozawa-shi ○ ○ ○ ○
About 2 Apr 97 of Subject: "the outline" of Nakanojou-machi
I am remiss in writing. 《主語なし》Making the homepage of the principal school at last the other day, it did registration. 《主語なし》乗っける that is produced tentatively, although it is incomplete yet. 《主語なし》From now on, "knead and っ and/it is" a feeling called なあ that "what or speed are not, although I think that the link comes to be produced from a/the plan" of a/the homepage. 《主語なし》Please teach a good method although I do not think that it is heavy so. 《主語なし》And, I would like you to cause to a future reference, because s/he seems to have determined "the outline" in Nakanojou-machi, as I was reflecting on with without thinking the guideline of the Internet application in a/the school and cause to send mail and have. Also, I would appreciate good advice. Then someday and also.
22 Mar 1997 of Subject: home page
It is today, and I typed in Nakanojo, and I found your homepage surfing the web' I was'! Unfortunately, the characters were unreadable. I need to explore howto get Japanese online. ***And I are doing well. This week San Diego hadvery very hot hot weather! ! ! ! How is the weather in Nakanojo?
Thank you for 22 Mar 1997 of Subject: mail
《主語なし》I was having the honor of seeing the homepage of Nakanojou-machi sometimes. 《主語なし》You supplemented it substantially, although it entered after a long time before about 10th. Also, "インターネ in an/the established by town school The outline regarding the application of ット becomes a reference even for a/the this school. The one that the consent of the student said person was obtained is lost to judgment in terms of the thing and ら that putting out good a/the name really, while thinking that I want to load past successive graduation thesis title look etc. of my seminar, although it is publishing even a/the photograph even a/the name. 《主語なし》It hardly go so that I think readily, because it is the level where the homepage of a prefectural women's college is making with a/the following example in all of 2 people, although be making it with 2 people with a/the ○ ○ assistant professor and me. 《主語なし》I think whether or not even that wants to receive advice from now on, appears. I request the clause very much anyway.
《主語なし》I saw 10 Mar 1997 of Subject: a/the homepage.
《主語なし》I had the honor of seeing a/the homepage. 《主語なし》It is wonderful contents. Homepage of the guidance of a よっぽど about sightseeing organization! When be wonderful to a/the design target and excel like the contents even り impression 《主語なし》It did じま. Without even dial-up becoming so heavy When it is wonderful to be able to inspect useful information neatly 思 《主語なし》It is. Please make efforts even from this. As for I, the parents' home of the mother's side is Numata actually and Nakanojou-machi even a/the several times K syllabic line There is った case. And to this weekend, 40,000 hot springs a/the line 《主語なし》If I am about to collect the information of a/the middle 之 article, because it is く YAHOO 《主語なし》However it is reason that found the homepage of Mr./ Ms. Kogure . I ask to cause come close it often even from this. Gunma 《主語なし》It is really good. There is near, good hot spring Doing a/the woman is fine (^^; Please make efforts even from this.
19 Feb 1997 of Subject: the request of a/the link
I am called ○ ○ that is doing an/the inn with a/the swamp Watari hot spring. 《主語なし》It assumed to open ージ to the home of this mansion in the near future and could cause linked to the homepage of Mr./ Ms. Kogure and sent it thought mail with if in line with this. You could stretch a/the link even from that also, and think with if. I request it very much. If there is also, designated icon etc. you could inform it and think with if. 《主語なし》At present, I am examining the opening of a/the homepage even for the inn association of a/the swamp Watari hot spring. I also request it to the clause very much.
It is still 1 Feb 1997 of Subject: the beginning!
《主語なし》It is, ○ ○ of Nakanojou-machi residing. In end of the year, last year to a/the Gunma net 《主語なし》If it gains access letter of 'Nakanojou-machi' enters into the eye and I asked to cause Mr./ Ms. Kogure of' a/the homepage' had the honor of seeing. The background was impressive especially in a beautiful page. 《主語なし》I am the beginner of an old person and this from a various case about Please teach.
22 Jan 1997 of Subject: saw
《主語なし》I was impressed pretty Mr. Kogure. 《主語なし》I am expecting a good work even from this. 《主語なし》Let's drink even alcohol if I meet this time. 《主語なし》Even with it does not become together much. 《主語なし》It was ○ ○ of the classmate that lives in Aoyama.
13 Jan 1997 of Subject: begin
《主語なし》Although I found your HP without applying even thought 《主語なし》After I saw it mail could not help being put out Although I am doing residing in Tokyo now graduate Agatsuma of 《主語なし》It is Oota. Therefore, saw the page of a/the link even only a/the deep impression freely 《主語なし》It is able to be and say な and be a feeling Because there is HP of a middle 之 article to such in Azuma-cho it 《主語なし》Is it な whether if even HP of the quantity of phase 応 searches it is? ? ? 《主語なし》It was it and readily cool HP ね that is a that good page and can there be fairly the point that should follow and observe I who say that although seem there be not contents/ (fairly hard, さぶ ー) Homepage is during hibernation/ おひさま news って wants to observe child care mini-communication 《主語なし》Is it a thing?
It is 24 Dec 1996 of Subject: observed!
A/the homepage was observed. 《主語なし》I did not think that it is really. 《主語なし》A little bit I was impressed. 《主語なし》There be the photograph at the time of け with certain け that being impressed was I most most after, that ゆ ー こ was reflected firmly was readily good. Be good and attach one order last? It be beginning てね the photograph of ゆ ー こ that is the existence of the idol of an under 之 town in the photograph at the time of a/the festival! (It wa, アムロ of photograph even good).
23 Dec 1996 of Subject: begin
《主語なし》It begins it and say ○ ○ of Tomioka-shi. I asked to cause it had the honor of seeing the homepage of Nakanojou-machi. I asked to cause it seen cheerfully family, of a/the town, Mr./ Ms. Kogure. Even if the Internet diffuses sharply small circumference of does not work Office private base in, because it is not able to correspond right away A/the cities,towns and village homepage have played the role of a/the bottom wear up. There is an inquiry from Public Information Section etc. of a/the city, although even I am opening the homepage of Tomioka-shi. S/he is said to take the trouble of introducing it) with (a/the publicity 《主語なし》Please cause it linked as the homepage of Nakanojou-machi, although I have made the link collection of the homepage of then, inside prefecture.
Be 10 Dec 1996 of Subject: begin ○ ○
Although would have was surprised and be sudden Even I was actually surprised. Today, page of Gunma Pref. was observed at the same time 《主語なし》If it is searching with な whether or not there is not the relation page of inside prefecture 《主語なし》I discovered that there is the page of a middle 之 article. Page of a/the town "funny な, yet although it should have not could/ " 《主語なし》It is as soon as I say that I met the page of Mr./ Ms. Kogure if try to open and think that. 《主語なし》However, I checked about a/the town well. Cultural assets especially/ Please do it for a/the town quickly. 《主語なし》Even with it is な whether a/the town headman knows. Please give a favor of teaching.
29 Nov 1996 of Subject: re: GOIKENBAKO
The one that is asking to cause a direct link stretched in this prefecture homepage is asking to cause with a local authority and also prefecture 有 institution for a moment. Thank you, that you understand.
Please be able to clear a/the link to: 23 Nov 1996 of Subject a/the homepage.
《主語なし》I think that I would like you to cause a/the link cleared with the column of Nakanojou-machi in my "an/the inside prefecture link collection", although it is making the homepage called "a/the contact open space". , If there is inconvenience please contact.