Recent event

Event, event in Nakanojou-machi, in addition,
In August, 1997-December

《主語なし》Completely it became cold. It snows. 《主語なし》Without fail I have a/the tire chain and please go out.
On December 2 it snowed. 《主語なし》It was 40,020 cm 15 cm, swamp Watari 5 cm, large letter Nakanojou-machi.
On December 26 the 暮 city is held. The decoration thing in New Year (the rope, pestle hand mill, of a/the straw besides).

《主語なし》Completely it became cold. Frost falls. 《主語なし》Without fail I have a/the jacket 1 sheet excessively and please go out.
On November 2 the commerce and industry festival is held. 《主語なし》I go out even from Ooamishirasato-machi of a/the sisters town and there is an exhibition.
On November 23 the townspeople station biography are held. 《主語なし》It was the strong day of the wind when (snow) dances and exceed 吹 in the day. The victory was middle 之 article high school land department. The lecture meeting of Mr./ Ms. Igarashi of the Olympic man of experience was held after a/the game end.
The red leaves are a heap. (An/the on November 12 survey)
《主語なし》To hasten because it ends with to the end of November an/the application! 《主語なし》' I stay 97 special lodging plans and plan 6,000 yen〜
Tomizawa family residence (a country designated important cultural asset) the November 28 launching that became a stamp

《主語なし》It becomes cool.

The red leaves are good for viewing.
Lacquer and red leaves are coloring to every Kuresaka Pass. (10/25 surveys)

Art exhibition with Suzuki ひ
Opening period October 1〜on 10th
Opening place たけ and ま mansion

Nakanojou-machi history folkways data mansion (a/the plan exhibition)
History of a/the hot spring and hot water stage hot water stage (on October 1, 97〜on November 24)

The red leaves begin.
Because height above sea level is high in 40,000 hot springs the red leaves began. 《主語なし》It is time slowly, while entering into a/the hot spring.
Apple hunting and, apple sales began.
On October 20 Wakayama Bokusui festival
《主語なし》I read "the trip of a/the 枯 field" in Kuresaka Pass. An/the oldest son, herder he do father Wakayama Bokusui and drink and visit the 暮 slope that monument inscribed with a tanka poem is built.

Still a hot day continues.
《主語なし》On September 20 I have gone to chestnut picking. September full, chestnut picking is produced.
《主語なし》It is early to apple hunting yet. 《主語なし》Let's try to do it if it becomes October.
As for grape hunting September throughout is good. 《主語なし》It is about 20 minutes by a/the car, although it is not made in (a/the middle 之 article. 《主語なし》It did in 9/21 with a/the child companion. )
On September 6,7 Ise town Gion festival
The national highway of a/the pedestrian precinct 3 festival cars, run.
《主語なし》Portable shrine and 1000 people dance, falseness 装 procession, event open space such as plentiful. an/the is it
《主語なし》It is possible even the participation in participation from the outside. Please visit by all means. A new member large welcome! ! !
For details Ise town Gion festival

As for in September the festival of a/the shrine is open every place.
《主語なし》It is carried out with a/the sacred Shinto music and dance even, sacred Shinto music and dance of while is seen thoroughly once.
On September 2 Kumano shrine festival on September 15 an/the Agatsuma shrine festival
On September 17 Ise shrine festival on September 19 a/the Suwa shrine festival
On September 19 Agatsuma shrine festival September 3rd on Sunday a/the Suwa shrine festival
September final on Sunday an/the Orita shrine festival September final on Sunday a/the Suwa shrine festival

<<<8月のイベント>>> Summer avoids the hot sun and have a rest in a/the bower. 《主語なし》It is the season of a festival.
Forty thousand high hot springs of height above sea level double as summering and the lodging point of sightseeing.
Agatsuma River and Nakuta River are crowded with アユ fishing. 《主語なし》It is crowded with children of summer vacation even "a/the contact townspeople swimming pool".

August 1 be the Gion festival of Nakanojou-machi large letter Nakanojou-machi.
Eight festival cars, come to knead the national highway of a/the pedestrian precinct. 《主語なし》I see the quarrel drum in the time that a/the festival car passes and a/the thing.
The night stall is done many branches and raise a/the festival. 《主語なし》It doubles as evening cool and please go out.

August 5 to 7 days be 40,000 hot spring summer festivals.
NHK disclosure broadcast "a/the contact song stage", local end unique production morning market
River fish つ or Midori convention, 納 coolness folk song dance and Karaoke convention even こど
For details 40,000 hot spring summer festival

August 16 to 17 days be a/the Nakanojou-machi hometown festival
《注意:一部解析不可能》The plan of Nakanojou-machi commerce and industry meeting youth department with, Bon Festival dANCE of the others event is plentiful.
The beer garden and bingo convention are held and crowded.
《主語なし》Let's go out by a free patrol bus, because it is a/the parking place an event upon using.