Recent event

Event, event in Nakanojou-machi, in addition,
In January, 1998-June


《主語なし》"け 処 that neis with, a/the たけ and ま mansion (a/the hometown park Mount Takayama vitalization center) neighbor on May 1 and it comes" it is born although.
The menu improves and a surrounding park was upgraded.
On May 5 let's climb to a/the parents metropolis shrine festival, たけ and ま. 《主語なし》It is possible even tea 講 experience (pay)
Various events hold it with a/the May Golden week, medicine king garden . To a medicine king garden official page
《主語なし》It is the village festival of れんげ on May 9. Last year, May 10

The rise that comes to, たけ and ま (Mount Takayama) on April 19 was laid.
April 15-サクラ blossomed on 18th. サクラ of the old tree of a/the small junior high school be remarkably. It is commemoration shooting サクラ of a/the 伊参 studio in a/the back. 《主語なし》It is fresh green a/the mountain becomes very beautiful day by day recently.
《主語なし》I bought うめ even "ゆ cheap city with" on April 16. Buying various 樹 even the colleague of (2,000 yen) a/the workplace it is the care of a/the garden.
《主語なし》I buy (a/the sapling and let's make commemoration 樹. 《主語なし》Last year, I bought the tree of サクランボ. )
On April 3 Ise shrine festival
《主語なし》On April 1 snowing it accumulated. Please have the one, tire chain that go out by (a/the car. )
On April 1 Agatsuma shrine festival

the middle a/the 之 article cinema theater (3 bookstands), is carried out in an Agatsuma culture hall large hall more 13:00 on Sunday, March 29. 《主語なし》I stop Yamasaki まさ/the data regarding the properties, movies such as the costume that the Sanada flax 垂 beauty wore with the original picture and also cell picture and "the month and cabbage" of フレデリックバック, are displayed. It is, "a/the month and cabbage", "the hot sky in August" the admission fee: 1,000 yen" the man who planted a/the showing plan: "a/the tree. 《主語なし》It is doing the free distribution of a/the leaflet.

《主語なし》It is brown, 闘 that changed a little bit tea 講 of white Kubo on February 24. 《主語なし》In the day, general one is not able to participate, the day when I am able to experience is being profited.
Still, from this be the season of snow. Snow removing a/the national highway is being done and able to pass, I recommend/4 スタッドレス 4 drive, when try to enter into a/the way and come わ a little bit almost without any problem. Especially 40,000 hot springs, swamp Watari hot springs, 伊参 studios/old horse chestnut 窪 branch schools is prepared for it and please go out. 《主語なし》If I pile up it on a/the car about a/the chain and shovel it may be good.
On February 12 it rained. The rain in the winter is rare. The snow of a/the road melted mostly. Even with, do not do inattention. Without fail the preparation of a/the tire chain. (The author was collided to the car behind by the snow in early morning, on February 10. Even the car was calm even the body, just clashed a little bit. Even everybody let's be careful. )
You who became want to do skiing and skating and see the Winter Olympics. Let's go out, to Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun. There are a Kusatsu skiing ground, 万座 skiing grounds, in addition, many skiing grounds.
On February 15 it snowed. The snow that dampened fell about 10 cm. 《主語なし》It is the year when falls to whether well and pose what 10 years this year.
An/the influenza prevailed large from the beginning in February at school the day nursery, kindergarten, of Nakanojou-machi, be the pattern that went out of vogue somehow. Even everybody be careful!
(5th) the artist exhibition of the home country that was buried Hagihara clear water in autumn (on February 24, 98〜on March 22)
Snow this year, entirely, and it rains well. Sleet the middle of a month through the latter half of a month in February from, every day like and it rained many. Such a case is nonexistent rarely. As happens, the snow of sunshine was melting and was see was see. (Feb. 26)

On January 14 going after a/the bird it is a/the festival. The event that loaded the prayer that drives the injurious bird/harmful insects of the agricultural products and sound and strike a big drum. (A big thing throws a/the Japanese orange and premium at a/the spectator, while striking the bass drum that there is) over 1.5 m of things.
《主語なし》It was the heavy snowfall of 久久 from January 8 through 9th. 《主語なし》It accumulated about 40 cm. As for the back of a/the heavy snowfall, snow has a/the tire chain without fail, because the remainder, road surface freeze without melting for a while and please go out.
On January 15 a/the heavy snowfall fell. About 40 cm fell. Because accumulated and fall in the top once again and the heavy snowfall of the previous time is remaining without melting the deep snow of about〜60 cm accumulate to sunshine 50 cm and became the highest heavy snowfall among about here 40. Although one of a/the studless tire becomes somehow by a/the drive car, 4 circles 2 circles as for one of a/the drive, please have a/the chain without fail. 《主語なし》It may become to set and come back and discard a/the car with, absent! An/the attention!