Recent event

Event, event in Nakanojou-machi, in addition,
In July, 1998-December

A/the middle 之 article junior high school (a/the male) won with the 6th whole country junior high school station biography convention, on December 23.
《主語なし》On December 22 I have gone to Taidou Pass. There was snow in the curve of sunshine. There is 吹 over a little on 20th and was remaining. 《主語なし》Although it does not slip, because the sand of a/the tire chain has been scattered to a/the curve I put on a/the winter tire and please go out.
《主語なし》It is skiing season arrival! Even our house has done it promptly.
It snowed to late at night on December 11. 《主語なし》It accumulated a little in 40,000 areas. Nakanojou-machi inside did not accumulate.
On December 9 ice stretched it. To the bottom of the bucket that has put it in the garden of my house 貯まった water, (the first ice of the season) that froze

《主語なし》It goes along a/the mountain on December 2 and snow danced with. 《主語なし》It became very cold. Please prepare a/the tire chain, whether or not a/the studless tire is fixed at the time of that, and go out.
Shall the winter as easiness and soak in a/the hot spring? 《主語なし》It is the introduction of the inexpensive plans of 40,000/swamp Watari hot springs.
Long stay plan
Winter season special lodging plan
Of〜the びりGoGo plan plan that not

《主語なし》Besides, let's try to inquire it to a/the sightseeing organization and hot spring organization, because it is getting and taking inn original event etc.!
The red leaves have got off to a/the town. Frost (11/14) that fall many
A/the first frost of season even, an/the Ise town fell on November 6.
《主語なし》Completely it became cold. 《主語なし》Without fail I have a/the jacket 1 sheet excessively and please go out.

On November 1 the commerce and industry festival was held.
On November 23 the townspeople station biography are held.

《主語なし》It became red leaves. 《主語なし》However, is it the influence of a long rain? 《主語なし》As there are many tree trees of withered leaf color without changing to beautiful red one, now I feel it. 《主語なし》(Oct. 28 1998) that goes out, because I think that it closes easy until mid November
The dialogue (Oct. 5 1998) of a/the Mizuki meeting month and heart
The trip Nakanojou-machi history folkways data mansion 1,998.10.1 Thu〜11.23 Mon red leaves of plan exhibition Wakayama Bokusui and Agatsuma, 枯 fields begin soon. (Oct. 9)
Because height above sea level is high in 40,000 hot springs the red leaves begin previously. 《主語なし》It is time slowly, while entering into a/the hot spring.
Apple hunting and, apple sales be す as a/the beginning.
On October 20 Wakayama Bokusui festival
《主語なし》I read "the trip of a/the 枯 field" in Kuresaka Pass. An/the oldest son, herder he do father Wakayama Bokusui and drink and visit the 暮 slope that monument inscribed with a tanka poem is built.
To the journey, Agatsuma of a/the Hiramatsu gratitude 2 exhibition path/soul (Sep. 26 1998)
Grape hunting began.
Ise town Gion festival September 5 to 6 days
With swamp Watari hot spring outdoors park for 9/13.9/27 2 days The events of 4 circles of dune buggy getting-on experience are held.
On August 25, period from the 6 o'clock p.m. to 8 o'clock past to local torrential rain (a/the thunderstorm)
《主語なし》It is flooded Ise town under 之 town national highway number 353. It is 1 house flooding above the floor level in Nakanojou-machi.
Forty thousand hot spring summer festival August 5 to 9 days
Gion festival on August 1 Nakanojou-machi


On July 24, 1998 Mr. Keizo Obuchi of the Nakanojou-machi graduate, was elected by the Liberal Democratic Party president.

On July 30, 1998 Mr. Keizo Obuchi of the Nakanojou-machi graduate, was elected by a/the Prime Minister.

On July 30 Mr. Keizo Obuchi of a/the Nakanojou-machi graduate, a/the Prime Minister becoming celebration parade
《主語なし》It is the Japanese whole country, summer vacation. Please come to play to the middle 之 article of natural voluminously.
Nakanojou-machi contact townspeople swimming pool difference water slider, 50 m the swimming pool for an/the authorization swimming pool, infant
In plan exhibition Oguri Ueno 介 and the era Nakanojou-machi history folkways data mansion an/the opening (1,998.7.18〜9.20)