Microorganism that cleans water

Various microorganisms live in the water, under. The creature phase is formed, just doing 攪拌 and give air to these creatures and the water is becoming beautiful. It is general drain processing, to do the purification of water, by controlling a/the creature phase.

Classification of a/the microorganism

Real core creature (a high microorganism)
Field core creature (a low microorganism)

Posterity animal Metazoa (a minute posterity animal)

《主語なし》With it is doing the capture that videos the tape that video-taped with a/the home video movie and expand the activity sludge, that I gathered from オキシデーションディッチ of 40,000 water quality control centers with the microscope of 40 times. Therefore, the definition and illuminance are indistinct, will understand that even the that machine parts is seen to this extent and have an/the author individual without being sufficient. 《主語なし》However, the one who noticed a/the mistake, because have loaded a/the name and of judgement is an imagination about the one that is not possible if judgement does not do one and, dyeing that do not attach if also, it does not use a/the phase difference microscope with a higher magnification would appreciate communication.
《主語なし》Please be making pleasure, because it is doing an/the image Up at any time.

《主語なし》It belongs Macrobiotus
《主語なし》It is called a/the bear insect, because the figure that Macrobitus sp. walks slowly with ノシノシ resembles in a/the bear. The black egg form thing is in a body, that proliferates, incubate in a/the body with an/the egg. (A/the 緩 step animal, Tardigrada)

《主語なし》It belongs Rotaria
Rotaria sp. is length (300〜500μ m) and do) (あ be although and move, do ほ sudden of a/the frog form exercise 3 趾. The whole shape that tried to express the exercise with a/the continuation photograph is as it shows it in a different figure. (ヒルガタワムシ)

《主語なし》It belongs Vorticella
Vorticella microstoma is the length (20〜400μ m) of the length (35〜120μ m), handles of a cell and appear when the condition of the processing water is good.