Mechanism of sewerage

Role of sewerage

1. the improvement of the living environment 2. the security of the water quality 3. the application of city development and resources

9. the backbone of the development of the maintenance, continuation of the echo cycle

Mechanism of sewerage

1. the beautiful water, that was fostered from nature flows as the water supply to the home and factory.
2. the water is soiled, to the replacement that did the life of the person comfortably and flow to the waterway.
3. drainage flows to the drain processing place.
4. changing to beautiful water in, the drain processing place it flows to the river and the sea.
However, drainage flows into a direct river and the sea in, the area without the drain processing place and environment is getting dirty.

Mechanism of a/the drain processing place

1. it flows from the under waterway to the airation tank.
2. it revolves the middle of the airation tank around.
3. as for the middle of the tank the clump (the activity sludge) of the microorganism, is doing lightly. When that is stirring, putting in air the microorganism changes what to the water eating beautiful dirt with a bang.
4. the clump of the creature sets downward, when it is doing it quietly in the final deposit pond, and the top is beautiful water.
5. sterilizing the top it pours it to the river and the sea.

In the deposit pond and also the clump of the depressed creature is returned to the tank. (Return sludge)
The microorganism is disassembled in the sludge decrease volume institution, because increase quickly and eat dirt and be returned to the tank.
Also, the creature (the surplus sludge) that too much increased is changed to the compost fertilizer through, dehydration/fermentation and be used in agricultural land.