Terminology of sewerage

DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
The 容存 oxygen density of underwater. The ordinariness measures with a/the DO meter and show with the mg number of oxygen of to every 1 liter. The melting quantity of oxygen is relying on the air pressure/temperature/salts density etc. There are many case that DO becomes high as beautiful water, because the 容存 oxygen is consumed, when the organic matter density of the underwater becomes high and DO of the clear stream is high.

The hydrogen ion density index. PH1〜14 in, 7 the side that a/the neutral, numerical value are high the alkalinity, low side are acid. There are many case that the pH total (the glass electrode law) is used to, measurement.

透 visibility (Transparency)
As water quality becomes good and show the clear degree of a/the specimen a/the value becomes big.

SS (Suspended Solids)
The solid that is equivocating 懸 in the water is spoken of. The one that expressed the remnants on filter paper with a/the mg number of to every 1 liter after drying/cooling, with 105 degrees and spend ろ with a/the glass fiber filter (GFP, hole diameter 1μ m). 《主語なし》It is used well as the index that shows the degree of 汚濁 in a/the drain and the water quality standard of the release water quality is regulated.

COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
Chemical oxygen demand quantity. It is the one that expressed the quantity of the oxidizer that needs it when the 汚濁 substance of the underwater is disassembled and is oxidize chemically by an/the oxidizer (KMnO4), with oxygen quantity. The cheap thing is included into COD following oxidization with an/the inorganic matter not only organic matter. Even the organic matter, the acetic acid (CH3COOH) etc. are not caught as COD, without being disassembled. 《主語なし》The measurement of COD is acid it is determined with the law that I do it with reverse drop 定 after processing 100 degrees Celsius, 30 minutes with permanganic acid potassium (KMnO4) under there a/the sulfuric acid (H2SO4). A/the resemblance value checks the contamination degree of water environment reasonably, because it is obtained easily by a/the pack test (KIORITZ CORP. chemistry) and be used to environment education and water quality control.

BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
Raw chemical oxygen demand quantity. Organic matter disassembles and oxidizes it with the raw chemical reaction of a/the microorganism in the presence of 容存 oxygen it is 5 day for) (20 degrees. The oxygen quantity that is used that moment is shown with a/the mg/l. 《主語なし》It is used well as the degree of 汚濁, although BOD shows creature dissolution possible organic amount of materials. 《主語なし》The water quality standard of 放 running water,/there is a severer area, although it is determined with the law as 20 mg of l BOD, it is the lowest standard of water processing and water processing should aim at 1 column top. 《主語なし》A/the river 1〜2 mg/even fishing is suited even bathing, if it is BOD like l. 《主語なし》Twenty mg/the water of l is nonexistent a foul-smelling river it is few, with the value of the range that is able to absorb it with the purification action of a/the river somehow when flow into a beautiful big river and be the value of a ditch it is the value that does not become that I release it to the river that water is not beautiful originally. 《主語なし》For example,/about one million mg of tempura oil is l, with that I dilute to one million times, to dilute to observe a beautiful river BOD do not pour it.

BOD of 硝 -ization
BOD becomes very high, with the phenomenon that consumes DO and a/the 硝 -ization reaction advances during a/the ふ egg bottle during the BOD measurement of processing water. The substance that consumes the 溶存 oxygen of underwater, there are a nitrogen compound (硝 -ization by 硝 -ization bacteria) (favorite spirit bacteria by dissolution, organic matter). 《主語なし》硝 -ization breaks out in during a/the ふ egg when it enters (NH3 into BOD measurement into NO3 in the cource of) oxidization, the 硝 -ization reaction in the middle of ディッチ and consume DO and the value of BOD goes up. The method that a/the 硝 -ization control medicine アリルチオ urea (ATU) is added, to hold the DO consumption by this 硝 -ization calls ATU-BOD.

All the nitrogen (Total Nitrogen): T-N
The Go measuring of the nitrogen of the nitrogen compounds of the various structures of underwater is spoken of.
All the nitrogen------inorganic chemistry nature nitrogen, organic nature nitrogen
---Inorganic chemistry nature nitrogen (ammonia nature nitrogen NH3-N, 亜 nitric acid nature nitrogen N02-N, nitric acid nature nitrogen NO3-N)
---Organic nature nitrogen (a/the protein, amino acid)
As for all the nitrogen, there is the place where the drainage standard is determined in the closed nature water area and be used as the guideline of wealth nutrition -ization. /0.2 mg of abnormal occurrence limits of the planktons, be made l all the nitrogen that be going to introduce advanced processing etc. and do the operation of a/the processing place normally to defend a/the drainage standard rigidly be requested.

Organic nature nitrogen: Org-N
《主語なし》Being derived from the home drainage such as 厨 trash, human waste it is disassembled to an/the ammonia by a/the good opportunity/disgust nature bacteria. The nitrogen that is included to a/the drain, the organic nature nitrogen, ammonia nature nitrogen are main and be l degree all the nitrogen 40〜50 mg/. Organic nature nitrogen deducts ammonia nature nitrogen from ケルダール nitrogen and request.

Ammonia nature nitrogen: NH3-N
The human waste in the home drainage is main. A part of organic nature nitrogen disassembles in drainpipe 渠 and エアレーションタンク and isolate it an/the ammonia.

亜 nitric acid nature nitrogen: N02-N
Nitric acid nature nitrogen: N03-N
The 亜 nitric acid nature nitrogen is an unstable structure with the intermediate generation thing of the oxidization of a/the nitrogen compound. The nitric acid nature nitrogen is made by the oxidization of an/the ammonia in エアレーションタンク.

ケルダール nitrogen (Kjeldahl Nitrogen): Kj-N
The quantity of the nitrogen that measured organic nature nitrogen as ammonia nature nitrogen and use and make a/the ケルダール flask the dissolution jar of a/the specimen is spoken of. The ケルダール nitrogen is the total of organic nature nitrogen and ammonia nature nitrogen. ケルダール nitrogen may be used as all the nitrogen, because there are few NO2-N and NO3-N in drains.

All the りん (Total Phosphorus): T-P
The one that made bare the gross weight of an/the underwater glue ん compound with the density of りん.
りん------inorganic chemistry nature phosphor acid salt, organic nature りん compound
----Inorganic chemistry nature phosphor acid salt----(the オルトリン acid, the メタ りん acid, the ピロ りん acid), ポリ りん acid, (りん acid ester, りん lipid)
りん is included to human waste, detergent, fertilizer etc. As for all the りん, there is the place where the drainage standard is determined in the closed nature water area and be used as the guideline of wealth nutrition -ization. /0.015 mg of abnormal occurrence limits of the planktons, be made l all the りん that be going to introduce advanced processing etc. and do the operation of a/the processing place normally to defend a/the drainage standard rigidly be requested.

The iodine 使 dosage (Iodine consumption)
The iodine quantity that is consumed by the returning nature substance of a/the sulfide, the 1st iron salt, unstable organic matter is spoken of. As for the high drain of the iodine consumption volume, there is much oxygen demand quantity in reaction 槽. 《主語なし》Also, promoting and invite corruption the occurrence of hydrogen sulfide to consume oxygen in pipe 渠 it guides it to the corrosion/destruction of pipe 渠.

Surfactant (Surfactants)
There are several kinds, with the compound that decreases the surface tension of liquid. As for the surfactant of a/the home detergent, there is much anion surfactant. Anion surfactant becomes the cause of the foaming of reaction 槽 and 放 running water. As for the soft type (LAS) the detergent of marketing 90% or more are disassembled with reaction 槽.

An/the alkali degree (Alkalinity)
It is the one that expressed quantity with the mg/l of the carbonic acid calcium (CaCO3) corresponding to this to not do the alkali nature such as the heavy carbonate, carbonate or hydroxide of underwater for to be neutralized to pH4.8. The alkali degree is used to conjecture the progress of these reactions, to increase and decrease with the process of 硝 -ization, 脱窒 of the ammonia in the processing of a/the drain. /150〜200 mg of alkali degrees of the inflow drain are a l extent and the numerical value drops when 硝 -ization goes on in エアレーションタンク.

MLDO (Mixed Liquor Dissolved Oxygen)
The 容存 oxygen of mixture liquid. 《主語なし》Being call the 容存 oxygen inside エアレーションタンク MLDO especially it shows it with the mg number of oxygen of to every 1l. 《主語なし》Around 1 mg/l it is many. 《主語なし》Because the activity of activity sludge is influenced to MLDO driving it is important managerially. 《主語なし》However, the attention is necessary in the handling of a/the numerical value because I receive the influence of the influence, measurement place of the influence, temperature of inflow water.

SV30 (Sludge Volume): an/the activity sludge deposit rate
The one that expressed the deposit sludge quantity after 30 minutes with the percentage that corresponds to the whole sample and do the 整 ground and take エアレーションタンク mixture liquid to the scalpel cylinder of 1l.

MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids): an/the activity sludge floatation substance
《主語なし》It is the one that expressed the SS quantity of エアレーションタンク mixture liquid with a/the mg/l and show the density of activity sludge. Standard activity sludge law with, 1000〜2000 mg/l, オキシデーションディッチ with, 2000〜5000 mg/there is much l degree.
MLVSS (Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids): an activity sludge organic nature floatation substance
《主語なし》When it causes to burns MLSS with the マッフル furnace of 600 degrees only a/the volatilization component (volatile) reduces. The one that expressed with a/the mg/l and be call this strong heat loss in weight. 《主語なし》It is important as the specimen that knows small raw amount of materials and express organic amount of materials in activity sludge. The proportion of MLVSS to MLSS is 80〜85% with branch stream ceremony sewerage.

SVI (Sladge Volume Index)
A/the sludge capacity guideline. 《主語なし》It is the one that 1 gram of MLSS expressed the capacity that occupies, when it did エアレーションタンク mixture liquid quiet 置 for 30 minutes with a/the ml number.
The subsidence nature, 圧密 nature of activity sludge are expressed and as for the ordinariness 100 around are desirable. 《主語なし》At the time of when it is in バルキング, so-called light sludge, it becomes 300 or more. 《主語なし》It becomes 50 or less of heavy sludge, when there is rain water inflow. 《主語なし》Because SV goes up by the pipe wall resistance of a/the scalpel cylinder, when MLSS is high it dilutes 3 times dilution, 2 times and measure SV and request it real SV.

BOD/SS load
The BOD quantity of the drain that flows in on 1st to every unit MLSS of エアレーションタンク.
A/the BOD-SS load (a/the Kg/SS kg day)=inflow drain BOD density×under quantity of water/(エアレーション tankage×average MLSS density)
《主語なし》It makes 0.03〜0.05 kg/SSkg day the standards in OD law. 《主語なし》/Be 0.05〜0.2 kg SSkg day, in the case that I do a/the period 歇曝 feeling and
BOD-SS load=inflow drain BOD density×under quantity of water×24/(エアレーション tankage×average MLSS density×曝 feeling time)

BOD-capacity load
The BOD quantity of the drain that flows in on 1st to every the unit capacity of エアレーションタンク.
A/the BOD-capacity load (a/the kg/m3 day)=inflow drain BOD density×under quantity of water/(エアレーション tankage×1000)

検 mirror test
To do the confirmation of a/the microorganism with a/the microscope

Water quality test
The operation control of a/the water processing institution be confirmation about whether or not it is appropriate. The processing water quality that is satisfied be confirmation about whether or not is obtained the water quality environmental standards.

Water quality control
《主語なし》It cleans inflow water with the work of a/the microorganism with a/the reaction tank and keep the release water quality finely.
Activity sludge
《主語なし》It is composed of the microorganism group of a/the several hundreds kind. Forming the lump called a/the frock coat in, a/the reaction tank a/the creature phase is formed. 《主語なし》I am such important able to judge the quality of water processing by testing the creature phase of activity sludge a/the 検 mirror and fine activity sludge indispensable to processing.
The Protozoa in the activity sludge are classified to 3 pieces.
The one that is mainly concerned with an/the adhesion and be not sudden (a) an/the activity sludge nature creature (a/the m) ほ. 《主語なし》It is nonexistent it is the one that is mainly concerned with ほ sudden Aspidisca, Vorticella, Espistylis, etc. (b) an intermediate activity sludge nature creature (b) swimming. Litonotus, Chilodonella, Loxophyllum, Oxytricha, etc
The one that is mainly concerned with (c) a/the ひっ activity sludge nature creature (n) free swimming. Colpidium, Paramecium, Bodo, etc.
When water processing is going well (a) (b) is few with most, (c) is hardly seen. Besides, there are a thread state nature microorganism, 放 line bacteria, amoeba etc.

=1 1 liter of solution during (1 mg/it is the unit that is how many mg) of the substance is melting 1000 g.

It is one 1. A/the solution in the case of, 1 mg/l is almost 1ppm.

It is one 1.

It is one 1.

Water temperature (Water temperature)
When water temperature becomes 15〜18 degrees, although the water quality of processing water becomes good and the activity of a/the microorganism becomes lively although 容存 oxygen density becomes low, when water temperature is high the activity of a/the microorganism will abate.

A/the stink (Odor)
As for the stink of a/the processing place, there are many things by the corruption of organic matter. The ammonia, メチルメルカプタン, トリメチルアミン, アセトアルデヒド, hydrogen sulfide, sulphuration methyl etc. are included.

A/the colon bacillus group number (Coliform Group)
The colon bacillus group is the short can bacteria of gram negative, unseedling 胞 and the general term of a favorite spirit or common property disgust nature bacteria. The plane table cultivation law and also most 確 several law (the MPN law) by the デスオキシコール acid salt medium the test method are used. 《主語なし》Knowing the presence and also the degree of the contamination by the shit convenience of the men and beasts with, a/the colon bacillus group test I do the crisis control of sanitation. 《主語なし》(Dysentery, typhoid bacillus a/the colon bacillus the germ of a/the 硝 -ization device system, in addition,) of all the colon bacillus groups are not harmful, although I foresee existence. Even the bacteria that are during the colon bacillus (E Sherichia Coli) and soil that live into the intestines of a/the human being are included. As for the discharge standard of processing water the colon bacillus group number is determined as 3,000 or less pieces to every 1ml.

Remaining chlorine (Residual Chlorine)
《主語なし》Adding the next zinc element acid sodium etc. to processing water I disinfect it. A/the component (the connection of isolation chlorine and ammonia might as well connected it (ClO-) the connection like クロラミン isolation style effective chlorine. Remaining chlorine avoids staying behind to 放 running water plentifully. Do sterilization with a/the chlorine medicine as a little as possible, because a/the water nature creature is influenced to remaining chlorine.

: Chlorine ion (Chloride ion) Cl-
The chlorine in the chloride that is melting in the water is spoken of. Most of the chlorine ion in the drain are included to life drainage and also human waste a lot with same), with (NaCl salt chloridation sodium. (Entrance entrance under in the water about 50 mg/l, human waste into 5,000 mg/l over) 17,000〜19,000 mg/l, chemistry industrial water waste and 温 garden pond mix and sea water the purification ability of activity sludge sometimes falls temporarily. 《主語なし》If chlorine ion density is returned to a normal value it returns to an/the activity. When there is much chlorine ion the metal and the like are corroded. The chlorine ion easy to be confounded with the remaining chlorine associated with a/the sterilization. The one that the sterilization power disappeared after a/the chlorine compound is used for a/the sterilization is chlorine ion.

RSSS (Return Sludge Suspended Solids)
A/the return sludge floatation substance. The one that expressed the SS density of the activity sludge that drew out it from a/the final deposit pond.

RSVSS (Return Sludge Volatile Suspended Solids)
A return sludge organic nature floatation substance. The one that expressed the strong heat loss in weight of RSSS with a/the mg/l. 《主語なし》It is considered as raw amount of materials in return sludge and might show it with a/the % as the proportion of organic matter.

Rr (Oxiygen Respiration Rate)
The oxygen application speed of a/the microorganism. The oxygen quantity that the unit capacity mixture liquid inside エアレーションタンク, uses in unit time is shown with a/the mg/l h. 《主語なし》It/be 10 mg l h degree, with the guideline that knows the condition of the progress condition, creature activity of drain processing.

An/the oxygen application speed coefficient. The oxygen quantity that is used by the activity sludge of unit weight in unit time is shown with a/the mg/g h.
Kr (a/the mg/g h)=rr×1000/(mlss or mlvss)

ORP (Oxdation Reduction Potential)
An/the oxidization returning potential. 《主語なし》The potential difference results among the two poles, when I put in a/the platinum electrode and hydrogen electrode during reaction liquid. The potential difference shows the condition of the oxidization returning of reaction liquid. 《主語なし》It is showing that is in oxidization condition when be in) a plus side (0 from plus 800mV degree and be in returning condition when the instructions of an/the ORP total are in) (0 from-400mV degree a/the minus side. 《主語なし》-200 in the time by keeping reaction 槽 in disgust condition, when I put in a/the 脱窒 process after the digestion of an/the ammonia for the purpose of nitrogen removal,〜-ORP shows 400mV degree.

TS (Total Solids)
The evaporation remnants. By the way it is the substance that remained, drying that evaporated the moisture of a/the specimen. 《主語なし》It shows it with the weight percentage to a/the specimen.
The evaporation remnants (a/the %)=evaporation remnants weight (a/the g)×100/specimen weight (a/the g)
《主語なし》It is used with the measurement of the solid density of sludge and be used with the same significance as SS. 《主語なし》It almost be TS=SS, because the melting nature substance density is low in the case of sludge.

VTS (Volatile Total Solids)
Strong heat loss in weight. 《主語なし》Saying the substance that does 揮散 when it heated strong the evaporation remnants with 600 degrees it becomes the guideline of organic substance content. 《主語なし》VTS of it expresses it and pass 2 be in, an/the one and and
(A) VTS (a/the %)=strong heat loss in weight (a/the g)×100/specimens (a/the g)
(B) VTS (a/the %)=strong heat loss in weight (a/the g)×100/the evaporation remnants (a/the g)
However there are many case that use (b) and be. VTS in the sludge is used to the condition grasp of nature state grasp and, disgust nature 硝 -ization of sludge.

The volatility organic acid (Volatile Organic Acids)
A/the specimen is shown with a/the mg/l, as the quantity of the acetic acid that gazes the vulgar fatty acid such as the acetic acid in top liquid (a/the charcoal prime number 1〜6), to it and separate and attentive 遠. 《主語なし》It is used to the control guideline of an/the enrichment tank, with the acid that results by the dissolution of an organic nature substance in the process of disgust nature 硝 -ization of sludge, mainly. That a/the digestion process is not going well, in the case that the volatility organic acid increases is being shown. Also, the sludge that accumulated into pipe 渠 corrupts and may increase and become the guideline of the cleaning of pipe 渠. The operation that holds the occurrence, because the volatility organic acid might be assumed that バルキング is induced and become the bait of thread state nature bacteria is desirable.

Deposit time
A/the drain says the time when stays in a/the deposit pond.
The real capacity (m3)×24 (h/day)/inflow quantity (m3/day) of deposit time (h) the=ponds

Water area load
《主語なし》I say the under quantity of water that processes it to every the unit water area of a/the deposit pond.
The water area (m2) of a/the water area load (m3/m2 day)a/the =inflow drain (m3/day)/pond
Eight because the sedimentation rate of the frock coat of a/the microorganism is small in OD law,〜12m3/m2 day is being made the standards.

Koshi style load
The quantity of water that does the Koshi style of to every the unit length of a/the dam is shown.
The total extension (the m) of a/the Koshi style load (m3/m day) the=outflow quantity of water (m2/day)/dam
150m3/m day degree is standard in a/the final deposit pond.

Sludge moon's age (Sludge Age) SA
The average time when SS that flowed in to エアレーションタンク react.
The sludge moon's age (day)=エアレーション tankage×average MLSS density/(the SS density in an/the under quantity of water×drain)
The one that inflow SS shows in what day changes places. Relation with a/the BOD-SS load
BOD density/(the SS density in the BOD-SS load×drain) in the sludge moon's age (day)a/the =drain

SRT (Sludge Tetention Time)
Sludge stopping time. Such average stopping time when the activity sludge inside エアレーションタンク is drawn out as surplus sludge.
SRT (day)=エアレーション tankage×average MLSS density/(the SS density of the SS density+under quantity of water×processing underwater in surplus sludge quantity×surplus sludge)
《主語なし》It is used as a/the control guideline, because the creature phase changes by the merits and demerits of SRT.

Sludge return rate
The one that shows the activity sludge of how much proportion is returned from a/the final deposit pond to the inflow drain to エアレーションタンク.
A/the sludge return rate (a/the %)=return sludge quantity (m3/day)×100/the inflow under quantities of water (m3/day)
《主語なし》It is nonexistent 100% in OD law, it is 50〜200%.

エアレーション time
エアレーション time (hr)=エアレーション tankage×24 (hr)/the inflow under quantity of water
《主語なし》It is around 24 hours in OD law.

送 feeling magnification
A/the 送 feeling magnification (a/the time)=ventilation quantity (m3/day)/the inflow under quantity of water (m3/day)

Surplus sludge
Even a/the microorganism personally proliferates, beside a/the microorganism disassembles the dirt in a/the drain. 《主語なし》The sludge quantity that draws out it when I drive so that the MLSS density of エアレーションタンク is kept regularly agrees with the quantity of surplus sludge. 《主語なし》When it makes solvability BOD 1 in OD law, about 2/3 become surplus sludge. (1/3 are reduced and be transformed to carbonic acid gas and nitrogen gas. )

放 line bacteria
《主語なし》Causing abnormal foaming in エアレーションタンク, with the creature that grows in a/the spawn state it may become the cause of スカム floatation in a/the final deposit pond. Secrete and bring round the bubble in エアレーションタンク and foam the fatty acid that coming ねばっ called the ミコール acid スカム is produce. (Nocardia, Rhodococcus, etc.)

That, SVI usually went up more remarkably than a/the value is called バルキング (膨 -ization). 《主語なし》(Activity sludge flows out a/the carry overcoat, without going well ば that the subsidence nature/圧密 nature of activity sludge separates the piece liquid in a/the final deposit pond and fall off, when it becomes about or more) バルキング (SVI>300) sometimes do. However, beautiful top 澄 water is obtained, because the water quality is improved and, the law with a little バルキング brings round a/the SS minute. There is thread state nature バルキング, as one of the one that becomes the cause of バルキング. , Especially a/the thread state nature microorganism, gets up when it proliferates. (Type 021N, Sphaerotilus, etc.)

Although activity sludge is doing the purification action of water and make the lump called a/the frock coat the 凝 collection nature of activity sludge falls off and a/the frock coat becomes small and also sometimes do. When the dismantling of a/the frock coat breaks out SV goes up and 透 visibility falls off. The mixing, sharp load fluctuation etc. of the 過曝 feeling, toxic substance are given for the cause of dismantling. Although horizontal axis rotor etc. were used in オキシデーションディッチ law, the dismantling is stopping being used, because the area (or length) of the pond becomes big, with to be easy to deposit, with to be easy to get up.

The nitrate in the drain is returned by the action of 脱窒 bacteria etc. and become nitrogen gas and be discharged into the atmosphere. 《主語なし》Becoming necessary that comparatively high MLSS density and water temperature and low DO are kept to, 脱窒 I need to do the operation control of エアレーター sufficiently. 《主語なし》It is the important process of the removal of nitrogen.

Chlorine quantity needed
《主語なし》The chlorine compound, that I am adding in order to disinfect processing water be necessary chlorine chemical combination amount of materials 0.1 mg/because is admitted l as remaining chlorine in 15 minutes after infusion. The chlorine compound is consumed to the oxidization of a/the COD component, in addition to being consumed to an original intended sterilization action.
The infection power of a/the pathogen nature microorganism the sterilization is nonexistent it is す that.
《主語なし》The one that is alive and, remove, whether or not sterilization takes the activity of a/the microorganism it is nonexistent it is す.
A/the microorganism tip activity the sterilization is nonexistent it is す that.
《主語なし》It does a/the sterilization in drain processing, because it is said that. It is requested with the law, that decrease and, do not annihilate a/the colon bacillus, because a/the sterilization is performed for the prevention of a/the digestive organ system infection.
However, even the same drain processing, in purificatory cistern law (Ministry of Health and Welfare jurisdiction under), the water quality of the processing water is not the counting of a colon bacillus group number, because it is requesting that the remaining chlorine is admitted. If there is remaining chlorine the colon bacillus group number is the same case because less than 30 clears are produced, a/the thought differs.

Medicine addition rate
The addition rate of the 凝 collection medicine in the time that does the dehydration of sludge. There are many cases sludge takes colloid form small particle structure and strong, mechanical dehydration does not make and be ら the affinity of water. 《主語なし》Adding a/the medicine in an/the advance before inputting sludge to the dehydrator it changes the nature of a/the sludge particle chemically physics and intend the decrease of rough -ization/filtration resistance of the increase/particle of a/the decrease/凝 collection power and improve the efficiency of dehydration the affinity with water.
Medicine addition rate (weight percentage, %)=medicine addition quantity (a/the kg/day)×10/) (supply sludge quantity (m3/day)×supply sludge TS (a/the %
The one that an/the addition rate converted the purity of a/the medicine and there is a nonexistent thing so. There is the 2nd chloridation iron/the 1st sulfuric acid iron/slaked lime (vacuous/加圧 filtration machine), organic high polymer 凝 collection medicines (belt press, centrifugal dehydrators) etc. in an/the addition medicine. 《主語なし》Also, I may use 2 liquid of the 凝 collection medicine and high polymer 凝 collection medicine of inorganic chemistry. (Multiple disk out of trunk style screw press)
There are many case that the inorganic chemistry system adds nearly 10% and there are many case that about 1% of organic (the high polymer) the system adds.