Safe sanitation control

There are many that must ask to pay an/the attention to a/the scholar and see, although various guidelines are put out for the safe sanitation control of a/the business. 《主語なし》Please read よ ー く, because it is able to prevent it to become sick and also do an/the injury, if it puts it through the eye once.

It is an/the extract from the manual of (a/the company) a/the Japanese agriculture community drainage organization.
(Safe control)
1. gas poisoning

A/the hydrogen sulfide occurrence place and inspection. (Before processing, sludge 貯留, manhole)
2. oxygen lack
A/the sealing place and inspection. (A/the sealing room, 槽, manhole)
3. a/the fall
《主語なし》It inspects it with a/the place. (The outside of a house work of 槽, bad weather)
4. an/the electric shock
《主語なし》It inspects it with a/the place. (The rubber gloves shoes, electric leakage)
5. the handling of a/the medicine
《主語なし》It inspects it with a/the place. (A/the chlorine sterilization)
6. the devices
《主語なし》It inspects it with a/the place. (A/the screen, ブロア, pump, chain)
7. corrosion, damage
《主語なし》It inspects it with a/the place. (A/the protection fence, covers, hooks, chains, stairs)

(Sanitation control)
1. infection
Miscellany bacteria (the clothes, shoes, gloves, bathrooms) of the colon bacillus group た in waste water
2. a/the stench
《主語なし》It makes clean a/the ばっ feeling, pump operation, ス and) 渣, スカム

《主語なし》I enter a little, minutely already. (The explanation by the peremptory decision of the author)

《主語なし》It occurs) to the manhole and it of an/the exit of several manholes following the pipe that send waste water to a/the main pipe with a/the pump from a lower place than hydrogen sulfide is (be surrounding a long 圧送 pipe a lot.
《主語なし》Also, before it occurs to a/the processing room and sludge 貯留槽.
《主語なし》I open a/the cover and door, without entering suddenly and do for a while and put in a/the gas detection device (oxygen density and hydrogen sulfide density a/the display) previously and a/the buzzer sounds and also do not put in it in the case of the numerical value (10ppm over) of a dangerous range. Do not believe a/the machine, because gas sometimes is accumulating to heavier) than (air under. A/the machine might break. Also, a/the feeling falls, become bad when long time すって is closed and a/the nose able to become even, thin density. 《主語なし》And, I inhale deep that and also become to as it is and life might disappear.
《主語なし》It has I understand, because it is foul-smelling a characteristic. 《主語なし》Even with, I die when deep that is inhaled. 《主語なし》When egg is went bad foul-smelling it is expressed and be blowing out it from the crack of a/the volcano area and also smell to the middle of a/the hot spring (万座, Kusatsu hot spring etc.).

Oxygen the place where there is little is the room/槽 that was tightly sealed. Also, the possibility that even the harmful gas has occurred in, those room is big. Also, even the manhole is dangerous. Let's enter after oxygen density is calculated with a/the machine and open a/the cover and door. As for the old days, there is the conversation that took a/the lamp and bird in order that coal mine worker etc., perceive danger.
About 21% of oxygen is existing in the atmosphere middle (air). 《主語なし》I do not put in it, to the place which decreases from 18%. 《主語なし》I do not might pay attention too much because it is not seen.

Let's pay attention sufficient a/the fall. 《主語なし》It is dangerous, to a/the field trip a little bit in the leather shoes. Let's put on the exercise shoes. It may be knowing to slip with the stairs and gangway. Also, the stairs and gangway go bad actually, and break and might drop out. 《主語なし》I may be good think that there is corrosion, if (hydrogen sulfide 臭 feels it dimly. 《主語なし》Also, if it is getting wet after all corrosion/ ) let's visit and let's pay attention it step by step. As for an attentive person, the helmet and gloves had better be.

《主語なし》I pay attention more, although an/the electric shock is to be paying attention even anyone's home and let's touch here and there. The institution of sewerage is using the devices of higher voltage (200V) a lot than a/the home. ) Even (6600V and, tens of thousands bolt in the case of are very high voltage in the middle. 《主語なし》I pay attention to, the metal and the like and let's touch. Also, the high voltage is used, in the institution where is using ozone.
《主語なし》It touches a little bit with a/the back of the hand, without grasping tightly suddenly, when it touches a/the door knob and ビリィ it turns over the hand open a/the door, if it does not come flashingly and gently with, ひら of the hand or/ . 《主語なし》Cautious person wa, rubber gloves and rubber boots obj put on will or/ a little bit exaggerated or な? a the is it 《主語なし》I am not guided, in the place of so usually. Although there is a dangerous place in a/the power station/substation etc.,/ . 《主語なし》Where the operation of the pump by it and, huge motor etc. is carried out a/the clock breaks and also a/the pace maker break and also with please pay attention because it does not become known even whether or not it might say.

《主語なし》It is chlorine compound etc., that it is dangerous with a medicine. 《主語なし》That round thing, recent that the place of small-scale is throwing in (a/the swimming swimming pool solid chlorine whether or not they do not see it much/ ) I am using it. 《主語なし》It touches and also please do not eat. Solid chlorine is clogged in the entrance of sterilization 槽 (a/the chlorine mixture pond). 《主語なし》Also, I am using as I use chlorine gas and the chlorine compound of liquid. 《主語なし》Because there be the power that kills colon bacillus etc., because it is the disinfectant that make which it is harmed easily person etc. 《主語なし》Because it is more dangerous, although there be the place where uses UV (the ultraviolet rays) and ozone etc. to, (a/the sterilization the attention is necessary! )
《主語なし》There is the generation of a harmful organic chlorine compound inevitably, although I am releasing it by) there is much (the next 亜 chlorine acid soda a/the chlorine sterilization in a general institution, and also the remaining isolation chlorine is showing toxicity to the fishes of a/the river and the sea. However, a/the sterilization being produced certainly with cheap it is a fact to be the method that has an achievement. The area where has the rich processing place of finance for a recent trend, and, especially that have to pay an/the attention to an/the environmental problem the area where thinks the sterilization that used the sterilization and ozone that used the ultraviolet rays is carried out.

To the ultraviolet rays an/the attention
Ultraviolet rays wa, bath of circulation device, kitchen/barber of sterilization lamp with used are day around well (? the the the an/the and 《主語なし》) It makes the eye. The ultraviolet rays make the eye of bad when they hit too much and also invite dermatitis/cancer. The ultraviolet rays are strong and very effective to a/the sterilization. 《主語なし》Therefore, let's pay attention when it has the place where is using the ultraviolet rays to the sterilization of a/the drain processing institution shown. 《主語なし》Usually I do not take the trouble of showing it. 《主語なし》It is because it is dangerous. 《主語なし》It only is lining up to want to observe the fluorescent light that releases pale light, even if it observes it. Depletion of the ozon layer is increasing the ultraviolet rays.

To ozone (O3) an/the attention
Ozone does although it is original foul-smelling. Earth of many ozone is around and be absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays. 《主語なし》The high voltage is necessary, although if it causes thunder artificially, to make ozone it is good. 《主語なし》It is dangerous when the ozone that generated it, although there is little danger, because the occurrence device is not put in the direct hand is inhaled. Also, ozone is produced dimly to surrounding of an/the ultraviolet rays lamp. The ozone is spent on a/the sterilization, because there is a strong oxidization action. 《主語なし》There is not case it touches directly because the remaining ozone that used it is discharged throughout the atmosphere and do dissolution processing. 《主語なし》However, it touches directly and also please do not inhale. There is the institution where the place where is contacting ozone is showing. The water that processed ozone is used as the water that fish makes the flow of a/the river due to the regeneration of the river that lives.
Also, a/the number may be few opportunities that see an/the institution less yet, although even the institution (Nakanojou-machi etc.) that do the decrease 容 processing of sludge by using ozone are.
《主語なし》Although the various appliances that used ozone are marketed I will had better pay attention to use. Although the standard of the density like 2ppm is shown/ .

The engine room of a/the car where is same and machinery put in the hand as and also be important to avoid being involved the clothes. 《主語なし》Although understand even the feeling that becomes want to touch, because it is a rare machine it is dangerous.

《主語なし》It is an infection with a/the human being, that it is dangerous with the world now. If a/the human being pushes a/the button a/the weapon flies across easily and a/the human being is scattering a/the toxic substance easily.
Although cancer and adult's diseases were able to cause to stand a/the collector to before, a little bit as for recent, attention would move to an/the infection with think. The damage by the infection such as MRSA and hepatitis, influenza, Ebola heat etc. are spreading remarkably. Sundry bacteria are including a/the colon bacillus in the water, many 汚. 《主語なし》Please pay attention when it touches. 《主語なし》I am not able to assert that I am not infected, although, if I am a healthy person the fear of infection even a low case is a fact. 《主語なし》It is dangerous, because the miscellany bacteria of the one, skin who like the thing that processed the anti bacteria and like beautiful especially, are decreasing. 《主語なし》(Impolite, the person) of one, that does not mind much the person who it is soiling because usually the anti bacteria power are large.

《主語なし》Because it is waste water it is foul-smelling. 《主語なし》As be it is nonexistent す foul-smelling investing it in an/the institution I am doing operation control. 《主語なし》However, let's do washing if it is anxious about it although it is foul-smelling, after I visit it, because it is foul-smelling a little. 《主語なし》To hasten because there is the fear of infection if it is getting dirty washing. 《主語なし》Even if I say that it is only foul-smelling, because there is individual difference the that, or it is foul-smelling feel judgment may be difficult.

Sound comes out from a/the machine, because various machines are necessary, to purify waste water. Although a/the worker is getting used so a nonexistent one feels it noisily. 《主語なし》It may be noise to there is much individual difference, because it becomes very sensitive to the sound, when I have learned sound once.

《主語なし》I study a little bit here.

About a dangerous substance (the handling on a/the law)

Dangerous substance

Production of fire nature substance
A/the strong acid -ization nature substance (the 1st fire fighting law and the like)
A/the strong acid nature substance (the 6th fire fighting law and the like)
A/the low temperature wear fire nature substance (the 2nd fire fighting law and the like)
A/the spontaneous combustion nature substance/prohibition water nature substances (the 3rd fire fighting law and the like)

Inflammability substance (the 4th fire fighting law and the like)
Gasoline, kerosene, heavy oil etc.

Explosiveness substance
A/the dissolution explosiveness substance (the 5th fire fighting law and the like)
Gunpowder and the like (gunpowder and the like regulation law)
Combustibility gas (KOATSU GAS KOGYO regulation law)
Propane, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide etc.

Harmful nature substance
Toxicity gas (KOATSU GAS KOGYO regulation law)
A/the toxic substance (a/the toxic substance and also drastic medicine regulation law)
Drastic medicine (a/the toxic substance and also drastic medicine regulation law)

《主語なし》Besides, there are the classification in the etc. various law such as air pollution prevention law, water pollution prevention law, sewerage law I omit it.
The responsibility that the operation is imposed by an/the operation person and come to be produced with a/the state examination qualification on the basis of, a/the law is heavy. A/the test probably is not so difficult. 《主語なし》As operation is produced as a/the business I am requesting the knowledge of a/the minimum. Hooking it an/the attention is necessary because there are many problems. (I even do not understand all, because dangerous article A (fire fighting law) and poisonous play only have it. )
Be not the purpose that scarring a/the person it is a necessary case to get knowledge about a dangerous substance in order to defend selves. The knowledge with regard to a/the toxic substance and environment hormone etc. have become necessary at the present moment, although the old days were necessary when the knowledge of a/the venomous snake and poisonous mushroom live. 《主語なし》The dangerous world, even if it is comfortable and convenient/ .