The origin of Nakanojo-machi

Nakanojo town office panoramic view

The ruin in a Jomon era each period exists numerously in Nakanojo-machi. There are ruin/Syukuwari ruin/Shimodaira ruin/Kumori ruin/etc. There are ruin/Arikasa ruin/Ise-machi ruin/etc. in Yayoi era. As for the Tumulus Period a burial mound was constructed along each river. In no time Rituryo nation materializes and Agatsuma-gun was build. As for the ancient times culture, there is Kanai temple,Tendai Kawara kiln, Ichishiro-maki etc. Agatsuma he controlled in, Kamakura era and became Saitou last name Agatsuma he from Nanbokuchou era and was conquered to Takeda retainer Mr. Sanada after that. Sanada Masayuki possessed even after, the ruin of Takeda Houjou and strengthened the foundation of Numata feudal clan Mr. Sanada. Completing a town division such as the Nakanojo Ise-machi from the time it prospered as Ichiba-machi. Kusatsu hot spring was crowded even both Shima and Sawatari after Kasei period when becomes fame. The apprentice such as Fukuda Soutei Takano Choei that was coming to the hot water peace to Sawatari it grow able to the base of Agatsuma Dutch learning made. Even folkways event such as Ocha-kou and a Torioi drum of Shirokubo are succeeded until the present. The wave of the civilization that continues to Meiji Restoration a county office and a place government office were established in Nakanojo-machi in Meiji 11 an extent, in Agatsuma region. Nakanojo-machi and Sawada/Isama nakuta were born with the implementation of cities,towns and village in Meiji 22. In Meiji 18 Agatsuma the 3rd elementary school (present history folkways data mansion), be constructed and Nakanojo article high school), be established (the present middle Gunma Pref. agriculture school in Meiji 32 and Agatuma track carriage railroad opened in Meiji 45. And, it was possible the present Nakanojo-machi by Machimura merger in Showa 30.

The source: The Nakanojo-machi magazine
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