The flower of a town is Gold-banded lily( Yamayuri).
And the tree of a town is Zelkova tree(Keyaki).
The bird of a town is bush warbler.

A town headman is Mr. Kenichiro Oroita. A town Diet chairman is Mr. Kesaji Harasawa.
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Sisters town are Chiba Pref. Ooamishirasato. Besides, the exchange with Tokyo Met. Kita-ku Takinogawa area are existed.

œThe origin of Nakanojo
4 Machimura of Nakanojo/Sawada/Isama/Nakuta merge and born.

œAbout the reading of the address of Nakanojo
There is the name that you are not able to read also in the subject. Welcome after through the eye once. )

œ Statistical data of Nakanojo (May 1997)

œ Address of government agency office etc.
Phone book of the organization, traffic etc. Of the town office, hospital, country prefecture
(There is the location figure of a hospital)

œ School of Nakanojo (May 2007)

š š Request regarding a/the Internet application š š (7 May 1996)
š š It is the outline disclosure regarding the Internet application in the established by town school š š . (7 Mar 1997)

œ Central public hall (14 Mar. 1997)
Report of the public hall activity
There are the list of a video and CD. (Sorry under constructing)

œ Various facilities (May 24 1997)
Townspeople pool , Yuuai Sou

œMaking town that has moisture and power --- the Minister of Home Affairs commendation (May 26 1997)
Mar. 14 1997 commendation. The man who sleep, medicine king garden are evaluated.
May 26 1997 winning a prize commemoration ceremony. Kodera Hiroyuki Governor/Oguri Kohei/Obuchi Keizo Dietman, in addition,.

œ About city planning (May 30 1997)
About the new usage area designation by the revision of the city planning inclination and also the building regulation

œ About the comprehensive program (Jun 4 1997)
The 4th next idea was announced. It is diverted from the digest panel the subject.

œAttaching natural history it is . (Oct 8 1997)
Fishes fossil of the Nakanojo basin, Orita

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Telephone 0279-75-****(the extension ***)
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