Sightseeing guide


*** Mount Takeyama It is neam the symbol, buckwheat and experience, Takeyama-kan of Nakanojou-machi and experience, Hiramatsu Reiji/Suzuki Hide the art exhibition, How to eat Akebi fruit. (Sep.21 1997)
*** Medicine king garden Japan biggest herb agriculture park, beauty field highlands refreshing parks
*** hiking course Mount Takayama, Mount Arikasa, Waterfall of Maya,etc.
*** Fishing information
*** Cultural assets guidance It is many town designation natural monument and the country designation cultural assets


*** History folkways data mansion Building itself of the data mansion were buried cultural assets . 5th artist exhibition, Hagiwara Syusui, country artist.
*** Studio Isama It is sleeps the man who won a prize, it is the position of production movie meeting of many of. The production position of 'The Moon and Cabbage'.
*** Old Tochikubo branch school It is the discontinuation that was used with a movie'The Moon and Cabbage'. The rich nature of the place between mountains. (Feb. 2 1998)
*** Hinatami Yakushi-dou the Sightseeing point of Shima area
*** Shima Seiryu-no-yu Shima hot spring, along Shima River


*** Tea Game in Shirokubo (25 Feb.1997)
*** Bird chasing Festival Take round a festival big drum and go after, hopes the good harvest and (Jan. 16 1998)
*** Ise-machi festival Do not even you try to participate and produce a lively festival? It is that there is the score of a drum. (Jan 1 1998)
*** Lotus flower festival Do not you try to feel the country on idle farm ?
*** Bokusui is enshrined/do Kuresaka Pass Wakayama Bokusui and observe red leaves on October 20 (Oct. 26 1997)
*** Year Event plan
*** Shima hot spring summer festival morning market/the fish grip/Karaoke, in addition, (Jun 29 1997)
*** Various market

You eat

*** Meal guidance phone number guidance information. 21 1997)
*** Meal information Peremptory decision and prejudice eat and the walk information by author(Jan.28 1998)

*** Nakanojo town Card Understanding the climate/history/culture/industrial person etc. (Jun 1 1997)


*** Traffic guide public traffic location map and bus train timetable
*** Nakanojo town sightseeing organization Please inquire it with respect to the sightseeing overall.

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