Meal information

'The attention!!!! Author by the peremptory decision and prejudice eat and be (walk information and) the top order

the Aoki home (75-3129) The eel cooking speciality store. The eel that Shizuoka lived is finished softly with Tare of the secret. There are a private room, banquet hall and settle and able to taste the eel. Agaben(Agatsuma lunch) (0279-75-3082) The delivery speciality store (hood service). It is before the national highway number 145 Ise town, Agatsuma shrine. The event lunch be the possibility that deliver anywhere Agatsuma-gun inside. Akashiya (75-5940) It is many the spaghetti kind. There is alcohol. It is doing spaghetti in the meantime, after work ended it comes with 1 cup a little bit. Ichiriki sushi (Shima hot spring 64-2502) Doing is preeminent. It is by all means to the daytime, dinner in Shima hot springs. Shima Yamaguchi mansion neighbours. Even that requests the delivery from the hot water of the clear stream is the passable. Umematsu (75-2807) Chow mein. The special menu, chipped ice are highest of only summer. It is possible even takeout. You have the cooler bag with, the child and go shopping. It is (the receptacle is brought it is welcomed When ) The cooler bag is optimum to the takeout of the chipped ice, because the soft ice is not solved. The olive (75-6970) Being able to choose various it it is the Italy restaurant. By phone reserving it takeout is produced. The reservation that needs it in the advance in the case of a large number of persons. Shintommi sushi (75-1189) The raw thing and natural eel in the season are eaten in addition to sushi. The house of bamboo ,Takenoya (75-2621) It is boiled rice to hang and hang with the Cutlet bowl, soft meat the subject. It is the Cutlet bowl. Cutlet rice, templa meal of fixed menu, pork saute rice etc., volume and taste are highest. Even a party is possibility. The reservation that needs it in the advance in the case of the party. The dandelion(75-3700) Italy restaurant Going along national highway number 353 it is that. (the on Tuesday holiday) The Tyuo dining room (75-2011) Roast meat (the smokelessness roaster). Finishing person street roast meat it is finish with the piece ruby rigid frame. Nagai (Shima hot spring 64-2412) It neis templa . It is the greatest masterpiece flavor to near. Even the Royal family and artiste use it. Furaibo (75-1060) Even a meal is possibility, although it is a coffee shop. Exhausting with, the intermediary of the leader of the music group of the Agatsuma valley the that folk song singer live performance be an/the objective. Fumoto (the foot of mountain) (Sawatari 66-2080) Striking the hand it neis/udon noodle They cook the one that the storekeeper has chosen the edible wild plant, mushroom in the season from the mountain. The stage that mountain of happiness is not able to choose the store is closed. Shizuka (the roast bird) (75-5970) the restaurant (the pub). It is the clock p. m , It does business from about 6 o' . It is cheap, feel relieved and able to drink. It is the store which the youngster of the Nakanojo gathers including the Ise town, although there is not Karaoke. The hand-made cooking of the storekeeper with, enjoyable for a while. Warabi-no-Sato(75-4109) The restaurant (the pub). It is the clock p. m ,It does business from about 6 o'. As for the daytime be natural and, be not doing? Even the fan that goes (dinner) to eat onigiri, and roast croquette is many.
The Agatsuma path (75-3575) It is (the hand the buckwheat noodle shop it neis Striking. Grinding the house with the stone mill it is powder. The national highway number 353 Ise town. A composed store where remodeled the storehouse.
In all of closing good (75-2212) regretfully, in November, 1996 the last day with/it is regrettable! Lobster fry meal of fixed menu 3,500 yen Hors d' oeuvre/sparkling wine, big lobster fry (the accurately roast lobster) takikomi gohan, miso soup, picklees, dessert (fruit and ice cream), hydrangeas teas Crab hamburger 3,500 yen