Bird chasing Festival

The event that put the prayer that drives injurious bird/harmful insects of agricultural products. It is carried out on January 13 to 14 every year. Large drum that was made in the Edo period (a big thing 1.5 m exceed,It sounds and hits) there is a thing. A mandarin orange and a premium are thrown to a spectator, while hitting a large drum.
A bird is chased and as for the festival Nakanojo-machi is famous. As for Ise town, a drum be only 3.
It is morning 6:00 what Dondo-yaki ignition on January 14. It is a mandarin orange throw, after it becomes bright around morning 6:30. It is able to exchange it with a prize, that a hit mandarin orange is picked up. In 1997 tha prize was first such as Surume cuttlefish,second such as Mezasi sardine,third such as 30 cups of Chinese noodles. Also, even the behavior of sake, sweet drink made from fermented rice, mushroom soup were carried out. On January 13, Mayudama(a cocoon ball) is distributed for every house through a headman of a ward/group leader of an administration ward It makes and steams the powder of rice with water. It distributes, pierce that is and be this to the branch of a tree. Having this I ask to burn and ask hold up it to fire of what Dondo baking. It is conveyed, that it is able to be healthy for 1 year with this. It burns and brings, a decoration thing and Daruma etc. in New Year that were decorated to, this what Dondo baking in each home.
(The bird of Ise-machi is chased and festival about)
We carry out a mandarin orange throw of Nakanojo-machi with 3 places in Ise town, although it carries out it in many places. We carry out it to afternoon 7:00 in the order of the material, Kouyama company made by Miyabe after that the west school grounds, of the 1st elementary school. Even sweet and towel etc. are thrown other than a mandarin orange. Also, it is able to exchange it with a prize, that a hit mandarin orange is picked up. As for 1997 a special grade CD radio-cassette tape recorder, the first class an electricity heater, a hit were bathing tickets of the hot water of Shima Seiryu-no-yu.