Fishing information

Nakanojo-machi is blessed with the water etc. beautiful river that spout from the Mikuni mountain range.
The fishing, carp fishing etc. by the release of mountain stream fishing and, sweetfish are produced.

*** Season *** The September middle of a month from mid March
Tange River (Yamame, Char (upstream))
Kamisawatari River (Yamame, Char (upstream))
Nakuta River (Yamame, Char (upstream))
Akasaka River (Yamame, Char (upstream))
Shima River (Yamame, Char (upstream))
Agatsuma River (Stone spots fish )
Shima lakes (carp, Stone spots fish )

*** Entrance fishing ticket (each Agatsuma fishing industry cooperative association branch/operation stores (1,500 yen))
They sell it the scene and (2,000 yen)
*** Leisure fishing proof operation place

(Kamisawatari River/Sawatari hot spring periphery)
Sawatari store (0279-66-2757)
Takahira store (0279-66-2108)
(Nakuta River/Uzuma bridge periphery)
Tokkan store (0279-75-0692)
Moki store (0279-75-1901)
Aoyama food shop (0279-75-3768)

Also, it is crowded when become a season and be doing even the release of Sweetfish.
I even do not understand well, because I am not doing fishing recently (25 about.
A detailed one shall send mail to me by all means. I want to be going to introduce the good out-of-the-way place of the except for secret.