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It is for 2 hours by a train from Tokyo. It is shaken to a bus and 40 minutes. The national highway number 353 line changes to the dotted line for in 3 hours, if it is an owner driven car and able to go to the nearest place naturally . As for the Edo period, there is not even Mikuni Pass and the person and thing were flowing to Echigo exceeding these Shima. Even with, I am not able to go in a car . Do not I think that I want to try to go to such a place? The hot water, Shima hot springs of the legend that are said to be' the hot springs with marvelous healing powers which work on' Shima of disease. The hot spring town which lines up in the beautiful valley of Shima River richly emotion. Soaking in the morning bath I walk the morning market . I feel the blessing of nature following the wind of the mountain stream.

It is and Sawatari hot spring observe and bite and be composed with travel' Wakayama Bokusui of'. It is colorless odorless, I take fatigue with extent good temperature' It, be known even for the finish hot water of Kusatsu' . It can do to be and, walk Kuresaka Pass and do not you try to feel it?

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