Inn of an ideal

Thought of the author by the peremptory decision and prejudice

If there is such inn becoming good you even be that sometimes think. Having a child it is the request of that young couple person. It is while recalling several whether of an inn hotel I think that it is good, in summarizing request. T hotel of a strange justice hot spring. ** Member's hotel of Karuizawa. K inns of Shima hot springs. S hotel of London. Regular etc. the rate that is doing a condition a clear, because only the thing that received a service actually, although it is whatever that wants to say selfishly is writing teach if there is a high hotel inn. (^_^);
Good case of the 1 service   
        A baby bed shall have been prepared to a bathroom (large bathroom).  
        A bus towel shall have been prepared to a room and a bathroom (large bathroom).  
        There shall be 2 vacuum bottle of hot water and cold water in a room.  
        Rising hot water it is good when there is that tea service.  
        There shall be a humidity adjustment function in an air conditioning machine, 
		whether or not a humidifier is had been prepared in a room.  
	Have been prepared the summer dishabille for a child.  (A few years old rate from)   
        When even the color before summer dishabille/Tan is able to choose it is good.  
        A refrigerator closes to (early morning computer control skin and bringing drinks of
		 a child drinks not).  A report system should be made.  
        Juice says the one that is a 100% fruit juice and want to receive in distinction 
		from soft drink etc. except for it.  
        It is that video deck is in a room.  
        Several rooms in or the booklet of sightseeing guidance shall have been prepared.  
        Be able to separate the arrangement of the seat inside a restaurant by the presence of a child.  
        The reservation of infant food shall be produced.  
        If there be play-room that a child is able to play it is good.  
        Be able to settle the service within a mansion with a signature.  
        In the morning, a newspaper and the drink good be sent in.  
        Do not decrease cooking and a service, even if it becomes a repeater.  
Good case of the 2 securities   
        It is lock and auto lock of the style a card.  
        To a card a hotel name, a room number do not be entering.  
        A card shall be One-Way-Use.  Do not open with the card of the person that stayed before.  
It is that it is the charge that is able to understand the 3.  
	If one of conclusion delicious cooking and smart employee are it is good.