One house the hot spring of the stage

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Inquiry of the reservation please directly to each hotel etc.

The hot water of Tange

Choosing mountain stream fishing and the edible wild plant it is optimum to a natural walk, forest therapy etc. You forget time and take the trouble of healing the fatigue of work . (over 15,000yen, the 1997 year April present)
Misato-kan 0279-66-2100

The Kannon Hot water of the New Nakanojo hot spring

It does the national highway number 145 that comes off in Takayama vil. from Nakanojo town at the time of the left and be the stage 1 house peaceful Yamamura scenery in certain . Although the spring quality is that the alkalinity simple springs, spring with 34 degrees tempertur the texture is soft, work well on neuralgia, Rheumatism , muscular ache, arthralgia, cooling nature etc. Since the hot spring center is opened in April, 1990 popularity take root. (7,500yen to 8,500yen,1997 year April present)
Bathing charge for 2 hours 300 yen
Kishimoto inn 0279-75-6144

Ohzuka hot spring

Before the rice field, the back shoulder the mountain quiet it is optimum in 1 stage, to recuperation, medical treatment. Also the periphery is known as the rich hunting ground and be used to the hunter. The spring quality has an effect in chronic dermatosis, skin damages, rheumatism, neuralgia, neuritis etc. In the soil containing and the like baking soda spring. Also the teller pier is reared by utilizing an abundant hot spring and be attaching coloring to the table. (over 5,200yen, the 1997 year April present)
Kanai inn 0279-75-3073