Shima hot spring hotels

We are calling Shima hot spring that the general term of Onsen-gun is Onsenn-guti,Yamaguti,Arayu,Hinatami. It is crowded with the person who requests the fresh nature and be surrounded a circumference to a mountain and be located to highlands of an above sea level 600M of Joshinetsu Heights national park. All over this area was designated in a national park special area, to protect the name hot water that makes springing out in excellent nature various points in Showa 27. It was designated to the 1st of the people recuperation hot spring ground in Showa 29. A hot water volume is abundant and many as the number of the source even utilize be drinkof spring. A spring quality is a weak salt spring and especially 40`80 degree effects scrub a digestive ailment, neuralgia, rheumatism, skin disease, a cut, and work well to the damage etc.
Hinatami The medicine mentor shrine vicinity (the medicine mentor shrine; the China style architecture in the important cultural asset, the Muromachi era last stage of country designation
Chu-sei-kan (64-2336,60, dew, drink, \10,000-) Hinatami-kan(64-2021,73, dew, drink, \15,000-)
Kotobukiya inn (64-2515,25, dew, drink, \10,000-) Yamabato-so (64-2217,25, drink, \8,000-)
Tsuruya inn (64-2927,45, dew, drink, \8,500-) Hinatamiou (64-2201,272, drink, ,\9,500-)
Mikuni-enn(64-2231,4, dew, drink, \10,000-)
YuzurihaThere is a tennis court and (a reservation tip, Shima hot spring organization 0127-64-2321)
Okugi inn (64-2452,32, drink, \8,000-) Shima Yuzuriha-so (64-2031,116, dew, drink, the folk hostel, , \6,950)
Shima Hana-no-bow (64-2121,157, dew, drink, , \16,000-) link to the orginal web site Kanoya inn (64-2104,45, dew, \12,000-)
Yoshimoto (64-2314,45, dew, , \12,000-)
ArayuThe center of commerce, souvenir store etc. Line up and the lively street. The morning market stands in early morning.
Shima Tamura (64-2111,270, dew, pool, drink, , \28,000-) Shima gland hotel (64-2211,273, dew, drink, \18,000-)
Kurenai inn (64-2006,25, , \12,000-) Midoriya inn (64-2408,34, \7,000-)
Sekizen main building (64-2101,186, drink, \7,000-) Kashow-tei Sekizen (64-2101,182, dew, drink, \15,000-)
Karasawaya inn (64-2514,22, \7,000-) Hatsushiro inn (64-2510,28, \8,000-)
Ayameya inn (64-2438,60, \10,000-) Ichihana-kan (64-2224,25, \7,000-)
Nakazawa inn (64-2716,35, \12,000-) Wakayama (64-2621,22, \6,500-)
Miharu inn(64-2529,25, \6,000-)
Yamaguchi Open-air bath lines up in the riverside and Ichiriki sushi even relish
Izumiya inn (64-2404,26, dew, drink, \10,000-) Clear stream mansion Toyoshimaya (64-2134,78, dew, drink, \11,000-)
Mikiya inn (64-2324,80, drink, \15,000-) Showju-kan (64-2301,100, dew, drink, \16,000-)
Shima Yamaguchi-kan (64-2011,310, dew, pool, drink, , \18,000-) Tsubataya inn (64-2920,15, drink, \6,100-)
Yamadaya inn (64-2912,18, drink, \6,800-) Morimata inn (64-2226,33, dew, drink, \7,000-)
Hot spring Guchi The hot water vicinity (the municipal management day trip hot spring center) of the clear stream
Shiraiwa-kan (64-2124,78, dew, drink, \8,500-) Chosei-kan (64-2311,61, dew, drink, \8,000-)
Sayuri inn (64-2728,18, \8,000-) Chikuyo-kan (64-2221,39, drink, \8,000-)
Hotel Shima-kan (64-2001,150, dew, pool, drink, \10,000-) Kashiwaya inn (64-2255,60, dew, \7,500-)
Nakamuraya (64-2601,30, \6,800-) Yamano inn (64-2604,17, \7,000-)
Nakaya inn (64-2230,17, \6,000-) Yamaguchiya (64-2928,20, \6,000-)
Okinaya (64-2707,15, \7,000-)

The attention (Phone number(+81)+0279, capacity, dew; the open-air bath, pool;hot spring pool, drink; the drinkspring place existing, reference-lodging charge (the 1997 year April present))
Inquiry of the reservation please directly to each hotel etc.
Becoming vacant to Shima hot spring organizations ventricle information is inquired
It becomes vacant with the printer and print this ventricle situation etc . Inquiry written request and insert the fax in the hot spring organization aim.
The hot spring organization will contact by phone and fax.
Shima hot spring organization 0279-64-2321
Facsimile 0279-64-2137
It is (the service in nighttime/early morning business hours 8:30`17:15)
(Sunday takes a rest) on Saturday from business day Monday
Please inquire it readily.
Or, if you able to receive mail I tell it to Shima hot spring organizations.