The mountain where composes landscape of Nakanojo town.

With one of the Agatsuma eight beauty spots, the view from the summit is very nice. There are many historic places and rock of fantastic shape in the midway of mountain climbing. It is optimum to hiking! If you put in 1 pair of movement shoe to the trunk, when it goes out to drive you are able to climb right away. It attaches it to the way home, because, if there is one hour it is enjoyable a wonderful view.

Nice point

Many carp streamers swim to the wire that stretched it from Takeyama festival mountain to foot on May 5. When you look over the climbing periphery to the festival, the summit of the parent metropolis shrine the mountain range of Agatsuma continues it in the sky in May.
Takeyama mansion
Near facilities, of the foot of Mount Takayama eat and also buy a direct saling and also, Striking and nearing it it is possible even experience . It is the experience charge 2,000 yen about 4 people. Please reserve it.)
Exhibition of the work of the Hiramatsu gratitude 2 artist
Art exhibition with Suzuki Hide
That it swings taste, in Agatsuma unique production fall taste How to eat Akebi skin and delicious and the one
Keyaki (soba nudle restrant)
There is a famous mountain with hiking/trecking in Agatsuma-machi and Nakanojo-machi. It is a Iwabitsu mountain. Please have fun with the mountain and set of this mountain. You could be happy to, if we introduce it to the people of mountain favorite.


It is from Kanetsu automatic roadway Shibukawa/Ikaho interchange. It is about 30 km. (About 40 minutes)
It is 10 minutes by the car from the Nakanojo station during the JR Agatsuma line.
Inquiry tip
The Nakanojo town office sightseeing department (morning 8:30〜afternoon 5:15): Telephone 0279-75-2111 ext. 231
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   Direct sales: "Takeyama" tel. 0279-75-6988
  It is stand by route 353 and Aoyama 337.