Application by the trunk style screw press dehydrator out of a multiple disk

Sludge processing by the Valute method

System outline
It draws outOxidation ditch (OD reaction tank) , dehydrate direct activity sludge.
In other words enrichment tank of generally necessary sludge is not necessary.
It can direct dehydration without making disgust condition.
In other words, the deodorization machine becomes unnecessary, because the stink does not come out.
The Valute dehydrator is able to reduce the control personnel expenses, because 24 hour full automatic unattended operation are possible.
The dehydrator is compact and the roughly built shelter finishes small.
The reduction of the sludge disposal expense is produced, to be made the rdidue water rate of the dehydration cake to 85% or less.
The exhaustion department is only the gearing ring, although it is while it carries out the endurance test and able to exchange only the part that wore out with the work in the short period.

(The attention point)
The 2nd poly sulfuric acid iron and polymer are necessary in the aggregation medicine. If it does not do the stainless steel of the equipment surroundings, because the former is used it is not able to correspond to rust.

Joint research (a/the Japanese sewerage corporation, Nakanojou-machi, Amcon company )