Shima special environment security public sewerage

Position Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojo-machi Shima, 3,456
The bottom authorization date On February 14, in Showa 55 (on February 12, 1980)
Processing area 47ha
Processing population Four thousand six hundred people
(Settlement population 1,020 people, sightseeing lodging 3,475 people, the sightseeing day trip 105 people)
Processing method OD style (Oxidation ditch operation)
Drain elimination method Branch stream ceremony
The processing quantity of water 2,300m3/day
Release tip First class river Shima River
The plan inflow water quality BOD 200 mg/l, SS 180 mg/l
The plan release water quality BOD 20 mg/l, SS 30 mg/l
Start day for the attendant On March 25, in Showa 61 (on March 25, 1986)
Processing place outline Site area 0.83ha
OD tank Reinforcing rod concrete
width 5.0 m, effective the depth of 1.5 m, circumferences long 110.0 m, 2 ponds
width 5.0 m, effective the depth of 2.5 m, circumferences long 80.0 m, 1 pond
Final deposit pond Reinforcing rod concrete
Inside diameter 8.3 m, effective the depth of 2.5 m, 2 ponds
Inside diameter 10.3 m, effective the depth of 3.5 m, 1 ponds
The sludge dehydrator Belt press 1 unit
The control ridge Reinforcing rod concrete one-storied house (the sludge processing ridge)
floor space 493m3
Pipe Total extension 13,210 m
Hard polyvinyl chloride pipe 8,824 m, the steel tube 382 m, the Hume pipe 4,004 m, the manhole pump 8 place
Working expenses 2,027,000 1000 yen (pipe 865,000 1000 yen, processing place 1,162,000 1000 yen)
Inside subsidy (pipe 546,000 1000 yen, processing place 1,146,000 1000 yen)

Various results are rising by the experimental production/operation as the research institution.

Demonstration experiment of the sludge disappearance system that used ozone (Japan first,) the Japanese sewerage corporation/Kurita Water Industries Ltd. joint research

Long time operation experiment of trunk style screw press with multiple disk(government and municipal offices in Japan first, the Japanese sewerage corporation/ Amcon company joint research)

Long time operation experiment (the Japanese photograph science corporation) by the ultraviolet rays lamp of the sterilization of the treated water

Moving floor ceremony creature membrane drain system test (new drain processing technology research institute)
Leach filter (the grit membrane filtration apparatus for advanced processing) the test (Koyogiken Co.)