Sterilization of the treated water by the ultraviolet rays lamp

Test of the long term continuation operation of the low pressure ultraviolet rays lamp

System outline
It is attached 2 sets(L=1,500 mm * 2 ) low pressure ultraviolet rays lamp 650W. (1 set of inside is attached) an automatic washing machine the lamp that remodel' chlorine mixture tank of established and established it with, the side style a/the type, level establishment, the open waterway' the method. Irradiation time (processing water to about 10 seconds for irradiation), the goal colon bacillus number (30 pieces/ml),
It is done the monitoring of the release quantity of water and respond and be controlling ultraviolet rays irradiation quantity to the transformation target the release quantity of water (the processing quantity of water). When processing quantity became to half and intend the reduction of the electric power by inverter from, biggest processing quantity 1/2 are turned off. (The reduction of the reduction, application cost of use electric power. )
Also, it is doing the reduction of the exchange expense, by doing exchange time simultaneously and do the equalization in operation time of to every all the lamps, by controlling the lamp that turns off it alternately. Two years over are hypothesized by the turn-off of the lamp by the fluctuation of the processing quantity of water, although a standard exchange period is 1.5 years.
It is as the system that does the exchange time of the irradiation obstacle and lamp the warning and do the confirmation of sterilization condition and do monitoring whether or not the specified irradiation to load electric power is carried out and intended the reduction of the work by the maintenance personnel of from day to day. Telling (abnormality even what does not do to the illumination of the lamp,)

Solid chlorine is contacted to processing water and (throw measuring with the release dam through, mixture tank and do the ceremony water pressure total) and be releasing in the river. Iy is doing maintenance personnel with 3 people in a special environment security public sewerage institution 2 place. The cleaning of the input and also mixture tank of the solid chlorine, are carried out as daily business.

From June, 1998, the experiment institution by the Japanese photograph Co. Inc. science

Although it is doing the experiment of the decreasization technology of the sludge by ozone in Shima processing place, as for the present, be not doing the sterilization of the processing water by ozone.

The characteristic etc. (the reference) of the sterilization device
Item The chlorine sterilization (solid chlorine) Ultraviolet rays sterilization Ozone sterilization
Sterilization principle Chlorine converts and also, oxidize the cell of the bacteria and also have strong toxicity to the creature. The ultraviolet rays act on deoxyribonucleic acid and destroy the connection of deoxyribonucleic acid. The ozone is strong oxidization power and destroy the cell wall.
Device Solid chlorine is contacted and cause do sterilization stayed and chlorine mixture tank with stiring. The device is cheap be easy. Yet, the security of the establishment place of chlorine mixture tank is necessary. Irradiation quantity is controlled by an/the ultraviolet rays irradiation device, control disks. There is not the operation part and an easy device. (To middle degree expensive) The complicated institution such as the ozone generator, reaction tank, residue ozone processing device are necessary. (Expensive)
Operation The input of solid chlorine is adjusted, to keep the remaining chlorine density in treated water to a regular value. The processing quantity of water, the control of the small chlorine density that responded is difficult. It respond and do the initial setting of irradiation quantity and maintain regular irradiation quantity by the ultraviolet rays monitor the processing quantity of water, ultraviolet rays transmission rate, SS density. (Automatic control) Ozone occurrence quantity is controlled, to keep the remaining ozone density in treated water regularly. (Automatic control)
Safety of the operation person If handle and pay attention, because it is solid chlorine there is not the risk of a special point. It avoids touching directly with the hand. sŽåŒê‚È‚µtBecause it becomes the snow eye and extreme sunburn, when I swim the ultraviolet rays directly it does the cover of the device. The ordinariness has no problem because it is not disclosed. When the ozone does direct drinking it is dangerous. The ordinariness has no problem because it is processed residue ozone.
Environment load An organic chlorine compound is generated. Remaining chlorine, exposes the fishes etc. of the river to dangerous. There is not the influence to a river, because there be not the subgeneration thing, remaining nature. Peroxide is generated. Remaining ozone may become a problem.
Characteristic There are few machine that appoint it and the equipment is easy/cheap.
Remaining chlorine, holds the occurrence of the algae.
There is the microorganism with the tolerance to chlorine.
Processing water, is difficult to give the change to the environment of the river.
There is the reconnection of the destruction deoxyribonucleic acid by natural light.
There is the microorganism that I am not able to sterilize, wa it depends on the size kind.
The virus removal rate is high.
The effect of bleaching, deodorization or it is.