Leach filter (the grit membrane filtration apparatus for advanced processing) the test

System outline

The practice test (producted by Koyogiken Co.Ltd.) of the grit membrane filtration apparatus for advanced processing
1. the filtration function that stabilized due to the gravity ceremony under countercurrent method, is obtained.
2. the apparatus structure is simple.
3. reverse washing equipment etc. is not special necessary and be compact. The form be a long one body.
4. ablution be 2 para-aminosalicylic acid ablution of the grit layer surface and lower layer. The surface be many reverse washing of the frequency.
5. it is seen the condition of filtration grit, well from the viewing window.
6. the recovery of processing water, be 95% or more.
7. the processing quantity of water and also filtration velocity are big.
8. it faces to continuation operation.

(The development from this)
The usage that made the most of the compact form of the apparatus in addition to the public works such as sanitary water processing, is able to expect. For example, I easy to place it in the machine room of the private structure of building control, bathroom swimming pool etc. and (subordinate before circle form in comparison with), establishment area to every, especially the filtration velocity is high, the fusion with the architecture equipment able to expect.

Experiment institution by (Koyogiken Co., Ltd. )

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