floor ceremony creature membrane system test

Drain processing by a/the floatation material

System outline

The test and development (the Ishigaki machine H Co., Ltd. production) of a high efficiency creature membrane system
The purpose that improves the problem of the creature membrane processing device of established.
(1) the problem of a/the washing system
Remaining quantity adjustment of an/the a. microorganism
Lots of the machine that appoint b. washing water/air quantity,
Washing number control for c. load fluctuation
(2) the correspondence problem to load fluctuation
(3) the anxiety to unattended operation
(4) the difficulty of a/the scale up
High efficiency style material layer (3.0 m`4.0 m)
High efficiency style speed (3.0 m/H`4.0 m/H)

Pilot machine (an/the experiment machine)
cross-section area 1m3
material foamed styrol production, diameter 1.9 m/m , 1.5 m/m
material layer 2 m/4 m
material quantity 2m3/4m3
speed 2 m/H 4 m/H
Three times of air quantity inflow water
One a/the washing for 48 hours a/the cycle (1 in 48 time circulation),-in 2 time 1 degree operation
Goal water quality SS=10`20 mg/L, BOD=10`20 mg/L
Inflow water quality SS=150`200 mg/L, BOD=150`200 mg/L

Experiment institution by new drain processing technology research institute