Swamp Watari special environment security public sewerage

First prefabrication method processing place in Japan

Position Swamp Watari 2736-1 on a/the Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojou-machi large letter
The bottom authorization date On July 24, in Showa 61 (on July 24, 1986)
Processing area 11ha
Processing population 1,221 people
(Settlement population 781 people, sightseeing lodging 400 people, a/the sightseeing day trip 40 people)
Processing method OD law (ILVfBV fb` law)
The processing quantity of water 440m3/day
Release tip Swamp Togawa River on a/the first class river
Start day for an/the attendant On March 28, in Showa 63 (on March 28, 1988)
Processing place outline Site area 0.2ha
OD P C prefabrication department material set cube ceremony
4.2 m, effective the depth of 3.0 m, circumferences long 34.6 m
Final deposit pond P C prefabrication department material set cube ceremony
Inside diameter 6.6 m, effective the depth of 3.0 m
Surplus sludge processing Carrying out to 40,000 water quality control centers after enrichment
The control ridge P C 13.57m3
Pipe Total extension 3,050 m
Hard polyvinyl chloride pipe 1,915 m, a/the steel tube 687 m, a/the q[ pipe 448 m, a/the manhole pump 7 place
Working expenses 318,800 1000 yen (pipe 152,200 1000 yen, processing place 166,600 1000 yen)
Inside subsidy (pipe 89,200 1000 yen, processing place 163,600 1000 yen)

A/the result is expected by the experimental production/operation as a/the research institution.
Introduction of the sludge disappearance system that used favorite heat bacteria (Japan first,) a/the Japanese sewerage corporation/ God steel bread park joint research