Sludge disappearance system that used favorite heat bacteria

System outline
The surplus sludge that was drawn out from a/the final deposit pond processes at the high temperature that becomes the activity of favorite heat bacteria with S-TE ‘… and be returned and be circulate to reaction ‘… (ƒIƒLƒVƒf[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ƒfƒBƒbƒ`) and can cause to turn it disappearance without putting out outside a/the reaction system with the dehydration etc. of sludge.
Certain kind of favorite heat bacteria the surplus sludge secrete an/the enzyme outside a/the body and this enzyme turns solubility and be changed to the form, so-called creature dissolution possible organic matter that the microorganism is easy to eat the cell in surplus sludge and be returned to reaction ‘…. The surplus sludge that was processed favorite heat bacteria is done —e that decreases disappearance, and be disassembled to carbonic acid gas water by a/the microorganism with reaction ‘…. The creature dissolution rate of the sludge that was processed 1 degree of favorite heat bacterium is about 30/100. sŽεŒκ‚Θ‚΅tTherefore, it assumed that it is sufficient to perform the favorite heat bacteria processing of 100/30 times (about 3.4 times), to cause surplus sludge turned all the disappearance. In other words, the complete disappearance of surplus sludge becomes possible, by circulate and return to reaction ‘… and process favorite heat bacteria and draw out 3.4 double the quantity of of occurrence surplus sludge.
The experiment is advanced aiming at the occurrence zero of surplus sludge from June, 1998. (The 1998 year August present)
Characteristic/consideration item
The outside the room carrying out/final disposal etc. of the sludge is unnecessary. ) Because (surplus sludge does not occur
sŽεŒκ‚Θ‚΅tIt is gentle in environment. The care of the 2 next disasters are, by utilizing the microorganism that inhabits in nature and be nonexistent ‚η.
Although a/the sludge disposal expense becomes unnecessary the electric power expense of favorite heat bacteria processing device etc. is linked. sŽεŒκ‚Θ‚΅tHowever, it is more inexpensive than a disposal expense.
sŽεŒκ‚Θ‚΅tBecause I do not do sludge headhunting carrying out the grasp of phosphor is not produced.
A creature difficult dissolution substance (ƒŠƒOƒjƒ“ etc.) process it as COD and flow out in the water. (COD becomes high)
A foul-smelling measure must be taken.
¦ Joint research (a/the Japanese sewerage corporation, Nakanojou-machi, God steel bread park)
Link God steel bread park (S-TE wa? a/the )