Under swamp Watari area agriculture community drainage

コンポスト -ization of activity sludge

Position Gunma Pref. Agatsuma-gun Nakanojou-machi large letter under swamp Watari 640
The bottom authorization date On April 1, 1992 (on April 1, 1993)
Processing area 70ha
Processing population 1,310 people
(Settlement population 1,084 people, inflow 226 people)
Processing method OD law (オキシディション デッチ law)
The processing quantity of water 432m3/day (the day biggest)
The plan inflow water quality BOD 200 mg/l, SS 200 mg/l
The plan release water quality BOD 20 mg/l, SS 50 mg/l
Release tip First class river Shima River
Start day for an/the attendant On May 20, 1996 (on May 20, 1996)
Processing place outline Site area 3,401 u
OD 槽 1 槽 made of RC
巾 3.0 m, effective the depth of 2.3 m, circumferences long 48.3 m
Final deposit pond 1 槽 made of RC
Inside diameter 7.9 m, effective the depth of 3.5 m
Sludge enrichment 槽 1 槽 made of RC
Inside diameter 2.0 m, effective the depth of 3.9 m
Sludge 貯留槽 2 槽 made of RC
巾 2.0 m, length 2.75 m, effective the depth of 4.7 m
The control ridge Wooden (a/the collection material) one-storied house 建243m3
Pipe 渠 Total extension 13,215 m
Pipe diameter φ=150〜200 mm, a/the manhole pump 13 place
Working expenses 1,930,000 1000 yen
Inside subsidy (pipe 渠 1,226,000 1000 yen, processing place 420,000 1000 yen)

Activity sludge is transformed to コンポスト by the introduction of creature drying machine デルコンポ. A/the 含 water rate is adjusted to 40%.

(The first Japan, Nakanojou-machi, アムコン company )