Creature drying machine デルコンポ

コンポスト -ization of activity sludge

Doing the loss in weight/application of sludge a/the sludge processing expense is aiming to be reduced. One figure compact creature drying machine that generates a green tract of land returning possible drying cake is the needs of the ground between Nakayama. 《主語なし》When continuously input to fermentation 槽 and do the surplus sludge of about 80〜85%) (a/the 含 water rate dehydration cake -ization with the ヴァルート dehydrator I reduce in about 1/4. A/the 含 water rate a/the drying cake are or less about 40% and 容 that decreases/reduce by the dissolution of organic matter and 1 next fermentation goes on do.
Generation コンポスト can return it in agricultural land as it is with the minute powder. Also, handling can also be facilitated, by transforming the powder into a/the pellet.
The disposal of surplus sludge as for the system as outside the room carrying out, especially a/the burden be put and a/the carriage/disposal expense can not hold the rent to a/the small sum. 《主語なし》However, I can construct the possibility creature processing cycle where continues by resources -ization of surplus sludge and do the amount equivalent to a/the disposal expense sufficient ペイ even 充てて to a/the デルコンポ 購 expense/operation control expense.
(The raw materials) drain sludge, high polymer system 凝 collection medicines (groceries to every 1%)
(Fertilizer component groceries to every) organic matter 58%, carbon-nitrogen in comparison to 6.7, a/the nitrogen whole quantity 4.2%, a/the phosphor acid whole quantity 2.6%, a/the カリ whole quantity 0.4%

《主語なし》I operated for the first time in Japan by Nakanojou-machi and アムコン Co., Ltd. .
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Operation institution, under swamp Watari community drainage center