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***Event of Mar.***

On March 10 it snowed. It was foam snow. The bud of the plum accumulated thinly in order that be big.
It became warm this place. Raining it seems to have become spring. Even with, it might snow still.
In Nakanojo Caruta card exhibition 1,999.3.2 Tue`3.22 Mon Nakanojo-machi history folkways museum

***Event of Feb.***
It became cold in the morning, very much on February 5. Temperature drops to the minus of 10 degrees and a/the way is a crane crane, due to the snow that remained and be solved.

It snowed after a long time on February 4. It is about 10 centimeters snow. It is children to play, if I say snow. Even with, grown-ups encounter the crisis of the accident. The slip accident occurs here and there. When you come to Nakanojo without fail the preparation of the tire chain.

***Event of Jan.***

On January 14 the early morning, Dondo-yaki baking were carried out. Daruma and New Year in I decorate the cocoon ball and that do it and toast with the fire that burnt the thing and eat. Eliminate ill luck. That moment, I throw the Japanese orange.

Nakanojo junior high school station biography department "the victory parade"
The Ekiden team, who won with the whole country junior high school ekiden convention parades to before JR Nakanjo station to Kaminocho bus stop. Please back it, because be carried out grandly and, playing easy department and, PTA, town person concerned etc. accompany.
On January 14 going after the Torioi usual practice the festival is carried out. Kneading the town with, a big drum they throw the walk, fortune Japanese orange. Even the parade of Nakanojo junior high school Ekiden department is carried out in the same day and will crowded.

Town which falls snow on January 8, 1999
Snowy from morning. Snow danced from one, in the morning middle, of the cold that tremble. Than it fell blowing it is over. It is the scenery in the morning in a street before the station. Even snow makeup already these days, Sawatari hot springs of (8: 10AM). It accumulated about about 5 centimeters snow in Shima hot springs. (Today of the last year was a heavy snowfall. It accumulated even 40 centimeters. )
Please do the snow measure without fail, one who goes out to Nakanojo. It is without forgetting the studless tire, tire chain etc.!

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